Preemie Hat- HELP!

Hello. I am making this pattern in the small preemie size.

I am using size US 5 needles and Bernat Baby Jacquard yarn. I am having a lot of trouble with the ribbing, so I was wondering if someone could help me make the pattern into maybe a garter stitch hat, or a st st hat. Just any other subsitutes you have for the ribbing (if someone could make it into a garter stitch hat that would be great!) Thanks!

First check your stitch number to make sure it’s an even number for ribbing which is just k1, p1. To do that, you need to move the yarn between the needle tips so it’s in the front for purl sts and the back for knit stitches. If that’s beyond you, then just knit every row for garter stitch for the first inch, then switch to stockinette, knit one row, purl one row, for the rest of the hat. If you want it all in stockinette - which makes a nice rolled edge - just start knitting it in stockinette, but add an extra inch or so because of the rolled edge.

I would take into consideration that if you don’t do rib, it won’t be near as stretchy. This might goof up the circumference of your hat, as in the size.

Definitely true. You’ll need the ribbing to make the hat fit correctly. A garter stitch hat will not be as stretchy as a ribbed hat.

This is your perfect opportunity to learn the rib stitch on a simple project. GO FOR IT! :thumbsup:

When you switch from knit to purl, be sure to bring the yarn to the front between the stitches.

When you switch from purl to knit, remember to take the yarn to the back between the stitches.

When you knit the other side, be sure to knit and purl correctly and in order. If you ended the front side with a purl stitch, you’ll need to knit the first stitch on the other side.

Good luck! :thumbsup:

I’ve done a few baby hats and I did one with a rolled brim - just knit each round if knitting in the round. Knit one round and purl one round if knitting flat. It is a bit stretchy, but not as much as a rib stitch.

Practice the rib stitch before starting on the hat… I have found that sometimes it takes a few rounds before the ribbing looks like ribbing. As with anything new - sometimes a bit of practice is a good thing.