Preemie Baby Set

I recently finished knitting a preemie baby set, using a pattern in the new Bernat “Traditions” pattern book. The yarn is Bernat’s Baby Coordinates in Daisy Yellow.

The set is now ready to donate to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. :slight_smile:

Oh Sandy, it is so precious! Nice job! Any baby would be proud to wear it.

That is adorable. Your gonna make some little preemie (and their parents) feel special.

Beautiful!!! and SO sweet!!!

Awww that is so cute and so cheerful!

So adorable, and a cheerful color, Sandy…just like you! You have sunniest disposition and personality I’ve ever met! How nice of you to do this!

Sandy, that set is super cute!!! You did beautiful work, as usual!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:


Great job! That is a beautiful set!

Thank you all for the encouragement and love!
:heart: :muah: :heart:
This was such a quick knit, since it’s so tiny. Using just ONE skein of Baby Coordinates yarn, I [U]still[/U] have some leftover after making everything!

This will be my next project on the Bernat Blog. I’m always a month ahead of what’s posted there, to give the Bernat reps time to proof my articles. Right now, I’m finishing up another project as well, so I’m really TWO months ahead of them! :teehee:

It’s so bright and cheerful!!

Lovely work!

so cute and adorable …lovely color

It’s so sunny!! I love it! :inlove:

Thumbs up.

Love it!! If someone had given me something like that when I had my preemie, it would have meant the world to me. It was such a stressful time and something so thoughtful would have given me some sense of normalcy if that makes sense…Nothing fit my son then except Cabbage Patch Doll clothes. Bless you:heart:

What a bright and sunny outfit! It will be perfect to make that new little baby and it’s family happy! It’s really awesome! :notworthy:

Oh, that is precious! Full of sun-shiny warmth!!