Pre-work knitting

Ok, this is getting pretty bad. I was already running kind of late to get to work this morning but I refused to leave my apartment until I had gotten a couple of rows done. :ick: I need an intervention!

I :heart: you! I do the same thing! I could be half asleep and I HAVE to finish the section I am on. And I will be the last person off of the train because I have to finish.

I knit while waiting for the subway this morning, but I couldn’t knit while on the subway. I have amazing balance on the T, but not that amazing. :teehee: I can just picture it now: “Brookline resident accidentally stabs child in eye with knitting needles; mourns blood on her yarn.”

I knit this morning too! I’m actually considering getting up at 5 am so I can get a workout in and 15 minutes of knitting time.


Yesh? :teehee:

Child is taken to Mass Eye and Ear while attacker is dragged away by police, clutching her dpns and screaming, “I need more yarn! MORE YARN!!!”

Stay tuned for more, tonight at 10.

You guys are too much!! :roflhard:


good to know i am not the only one.

i can’t go to bed until i finish whatever section i am in. i don’t care how tired i am.

I knit on planes, trains, cars. even though i get car sick. i just take my dramamine. i know i have a problem. i don’t care.