Prayers please

There was a shooting this afternoon at the northern illinois university campus; as of now there are 18 victims; the gunman shot himself.
The campus is literally 15 minutes from my home, and I taught for 7 years in the public school system in DeKalb; several friends and colleagues are associated with NIU. Please keep them in your thoughts!

I’m so glad you posted. I haven’t turned on the TV, so I’ve missed the news.

I’m so sorry that this tragedy has hit so close to home. I will pray for the victims, their families, and their friends.



prayers, of course–how terrible is that?

I just saw the news. What is this world coming to? My heart goes out to everyone.

My prayer are with ya’ll. Such terrible news.

OMG, I didn’t hear about this until now. I just don’t understand. God Bless all that victims and their family’s and friend’s!!

I agree with Samsam, what is this wold coming to? These incidents are happening way too often. Thoughts go out to everyone involved.

Those poor families of those who were hurt! My thoughts go out to them and all involved. I just have to wonder why these things have been happening more and more often … is it the media coverage, or are we becoming that much more violent as a society? What gets someone to that point where that is the only option?:verysad:

Thanks everyone… update on the news is that 6 are dead, 4 women and 2 men including the gunman, 22 wounded.

I don’t know why this keeps happening… media coverage, glorified shooting games played by peopple who can’t separate real from fantasy… maybe his girlfriend broke up with him, who knows.

Hildie, I don’t think we will ever understand why. My heart breaks for the students and their families. So senseless! So sad!:grphug:

:pout: It’s so sad. What’s the point? What does it prove? I just don’t get it.

:hug: :heart: :hug:

ugh, im so sick of all this crap. I shouldnt have to worry about my safety just going to class. :frowning:

:heart: You are in my thoughts, as well as the victims. :pout: These events are difficult on a community. But trust me, somehow, your community will find the strength to get through it. :hug:

Sending up prayers here.

I’m pretty sure that they said this morning that he was an ex-graduate student there. And now no one will ever know why he did it. Not that knowing why would make help make the nightmare any better for the families or for the students.



My prayers to the families of those lost.