Prayers needed

Last year, I resigned my tenured teaching job to take another teaching position at the school where my boys attend. I was closer to home, at the same school of my boys and was happy. I was not hired back for next year. I was totally shocked and ticked off at the principal. He never told me during the school year if I was doing something wrong or right. The assistant principal did all my reviews and I scored 3 out of 4 which is good! So, I need my knitting buddies prayers. My old school has an opening and I’ve applied. My interview is next week. During the last few weeks the principal and I have talked and I don’t think he has any bad feelings toward me for what I did last year when I left. Just keep my on your prayer list. I know that God doesn’t close one door without opening another. Thanks! and I’ll keep ya’ll informed.




Hope it all goes well! :hug:

:pray: :pray:

Hang in there

I’ll pray for you. It makes you wonder what the principal was thinking, if you get a good review and they don’t call you back. That is life, though. Life isn’t fair. I sure wouldn’t think the other school would hold a grudge. Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to work closer to home and be with your boys.:hug:

I will keep you in my prayers too! I have been sending up my own since getting hired mid-year as a school bus driver in January. I had hoped to get into the district (middle school & High school) that my two children go to but in January there wasn’t any openings. I took what I could & ended up at three school 30 minutes away from home. I put in my transfer right away but so far they keep telling me no openings at my kids schools but yet I go to church with a drive in that district & she says that there are at least 6 openings for the up coming school year starting on August 11th. UGH! I would love to be in my kids schools so that I can make their after school activities this year. I am putting it in the Lord’s hands since he does know what is best for us even though we don’t understand why things happen to us at the time they do. Just hang in there & he will put you where you need to be at this time in your life.

Thanks everyone!

Hoping it works out for you!

From one teacher to another the positive thoughts are flowing your way! I can’t imagine a school where you were tenured not wanting you back. :hug:

Good luck. As the other poster said, how could they not want you back? I didn’t think there were millions of teachers lining up these days!
That really sucks to be let go like you did. A bit of an explanation would have been nice.:hug:

1knittychick; just wanted to let you know to keep your chin up & keep positive about your interview this coming week at your old school. I posted in this topic last week that I was being told that my transfer wouldn’t happen this year, at least the start of the school year. I just talked with another school bus driver & friend who helped to put together this years bus routes. I got part of what I wanted! I didn’t get into the district my kids go to all together but I will be driving out of their high school! :woohoo: This will allow me to take the after school & weekend field trips there. That school is 1 mile from our home & I will hopefully get some of my kids sports too! Nothing like driving them to their games & getting paid to watch them too! :wink: I still have my transfer request in so that hopefully the next opening at the Middle school, which is what our districts are based on, also 1 mile from our home & next to the high school will be mine & I will be allowed to park the school bus there. Talk about saving on gas for my car. 1 mile 4 times a day. That would be GREAT. But for now I am extremely happy :woot:with just getting the high school I wanted. The Lord knows what we need when we need it and I am good with that. Good luck & will keep you in my thoughts & prayers.

[COLOR=red]Update[/COLOR]: I appreciate everyone responding to my prayer request. I have an interview Thursday am for an adult education instructor and at my old school they have 4 openings and I’ve applied for all 4. Thanks again everyone.

Way to go 1KnittyChick! Four positions opened, that’s great. I’ll be praying for you.:slight_smile:

[COLOR=purple][U]Update again![/U][/COLOR] I had an interview with a local community college (teaching prison paroles basic education/work skills). Not sure its for me (they have to have guards in the room)! Anyway, I have another interview Tuesday for the 4 posted jobs. Looks promising!

Just wanted my knitty friends to know that I should know something about a possible job on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. Please keep me on your prayer list. I really need one of these 4 jobs that have been posted. Thank ya’ll so much.:grphug:


Good Luck! I’m thinking of you and hoping it will all work out in the end for you!:thumbsup: