Prayers For My Mom

My mother just found out this afternoon that she has cancer. This is the third time. She is wanting to just give up at this point and I had to get mad at her to try and get her out of that mindset.

I have to admit I’m a little worried about her but couldn’t say that to her for obvious reasons.

I’d appreciate any prayers on her behalf, regardless of religion or personal faith, if you’re so inclined.


I’m so sorry, Mason. I know how hard this is. (My mom had cancer) My thoughts and best wishes are with you both! :hug::hug::hug::hug:

I will keep y’all in my prayers, Mason.

:pray: I hope your mom can find comfort in whatever path she chooses. :heart:

OMG!! I’m so sorry Mason! I hope she will be okay! :pray:


Your mom, you, and your family will be in my prayers


:pray: praying, Mason, for you and your Mom and other loved ones during this hard time. :pray:

i will definantly be praying for you and our family. :heart:

My thoughts are with you and your family. :pray:

Thanks one and all.

:grphug: We’re all hoping and praying for the best, Mason! :hug:

Keep us updated! :pray: :hug:

We’ll all be praying for you and for your Mom.:grphug:


Soooooooo sorry to hear about your mom.:sad: Will keep you and your mother in my thoughts and will keepCrossed Fingers she has the strength to do battle number 3.

:pray::pray: My thought are with you and your Mom…:pray::pray::grphug:


I’ll keep you and your mother in my thoughts. I hope she’ll be OK:hug:

I’ll be thinking of you and your Mum Maison.

Best Wishes xx