Prayers for my MIL (94 & in surgery)

I feel kind of funny posting this. But I have seen & felt so many good vibes here that I thought I would just do it. My mother in law Helen in Ft. Lauderdale fell down yesterday morning & broke her femur bone. It’s the third breakage. She’ll be 95 in August if she makes this surgery. (Which they did this afternoon.) They didn’t know if they should operate but decided to go ahead.

The thing that’s so just horrible is me. I refused to go visit at Christmas coz I hate Ft. Lauderdale. I really can’t believe how selfish I was. She just begged us a lot to come, and I love Christmas in the cold with my tree and JUNK. Well not junk, I’ve just felt all day how selfish I was. God. She’s been more than generous over the years. I hope so much she makes it and I can make it up to her I think right now that the worse thing in life is to be selfish and I committed that sin. That’s all.

Thank you for listening. wow

:hug: She is in my prayers!! Maybe you guys could go see her soon… I’m sure she understood at Christmas time :heart:

Sending you and her and your family all the positive thoughts and vibes I can muster up!:grphug:

Prayers and thoughts for your MIL from here. Don’t torture yourself too much, I’m sure she understood. Call her up and have a nice long chat!

Awww…I’ll be praying.

Do not drive yourself crazy with guilt. You didn’t mean anything by staying home at Christmas, and you certainly didn’t have a crystal ball. You had no way of knowing…

Be there for her, if you can, right now. This is when she needs you the most.


:hug:Sending healing good vibes to your beloved MIL! :grphug:

Please, don’t be so hard on yourself. I am not as old as your MIL but I do believe I would understand about Christmas and the fact you too have a life. Be there for her when she is better and have Christmas in April, May, June or July. It is a date, it is what you feel that matters. My prayers and thoughts to the family.

:grphug: Sending good thoughts her way.

You are all so great to take the time… THANKS so much!!!

We got a phone call this morning that she made it through the surgery (6 hours of it!) She thought she wouldn’t. Thank God. I said a lot of prayers yesterday. I’m looking at shawls to knit right now, a quick one! thanks again, I appreciate and feel better.


So glad everything went well! Hope her recovery goes well too. :hug:

I’m so glad all went well. :hug: I wish her a speedy recovery.

Special thoughts and love are heading your way xx

Thanks again you guys! I spent two days furiously knitting and trying to make a shawl by tomorrow when my dh goes down to see her but I finally gave up coz I kept screwing it up and knew I couldn’t finish the thing… so I went out and bought 3 beautiful gifts, nightgown etc. :hug:

Glad she’s doing alright


Sending prayers and thoughts your way!!