Prayers and Thoughts for our London friends

You are in my thoughts.

I just saw the online news. Count on this ND gal to offer prayers for everyone in the UK at this very scary time. :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

I work with alot of Brits…I am sure to hear some sad stories! :frowning:

my thoughts and prayers going out

[color=blue]Same for those of us here in Maine. My daughters husband is in the guard… she is wondering what will happen next…

blessings… [/color]

Thank you , Nik, for starting this thread.
I am so struck by the difference 24 hours can make…the joy in London yesterday when the Olympic Committee made their announcement and the sheer horror of this mornings news.
My thoughts and prayers are with those who suffer at the the hands of terrorists.

No doubt. I have a bunch of online friends in London, who I’ve known for years now. I sure hope to hear from them soon. I know most of them are probably at work. My prayers are with all of them and the rest of London. :frowning:

Love and prayers to our English friends.

I feel rather sick this morning with this incredibly ugly news.

I love London and the people there dearly, my prayers go out to all who are suffering.

There are police stationed at the subway stations in our (NYC) neighborhood now. What a drag.

Odd, i couldn’t sleep last night. It was one of those rare occasions when i was in a “what is this world coming to?” frame of mind (long story). :frowning:

Then i wake up this morning to this. I feel sick. :help: I lived just outside of London for amost 6 years and have MANY friends that i’m worried about. The emails and phone calls are trickling in - so far everyone is ok. I used to ride those lines all the time. One of my best friends from teenagehood was on the train one hour before the attack. He was very lucky.

But i have such a heavy heart for those who aren’t ok and for my (second) home. I can’t think of anything to do except drink my PG Tips (British tea), knit to keep busy and wait. It’s agony. :verysad:

This wasn’t even an attack on a financial district or any other sort of “statement” (not that that would justify it - it wouldn’t). It was just malice and murder for the sake of inflicting harm - no statement. :crying:

I hope that all of our UK friends here and their loved ones are safe.


positive thoughts and prayers.

My thoughts and prayers are with the many British, both my friends that I’ve met online and, of course, those that I don’t know. I’ve met several people over at forum and news is slowly trickling in from them; but all are not yet heard from, of course, I’m sure that it is difficult to get word out.

I’m just stunned - talk about being in a vacuum. I don’t watch TV in the morning, and hardly anyone is at work today. Soooo I just spent several minutes trying to find out what happened in London. I just can’t express all the emotions that such a horrible event evokes.

I will lift the victims, families, and friends up in prayer.

What a tragic event. Londoner’s are in my thoughts and prayers.

:crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying:
our thoughts are with you

This is a song I teach my kids at school:
Peace will
Peace will come.
Let it begin with me.

I’ve been singing it all day in my head; I didn’tknow about London until 2 hours ago, though. Thinking about you across the pond!