Prayer Shawls

I knit prayer shawls for my church, and have gotten the pattern down to a size for older, ill people. I always use Lion Brand Homespun because of it’s softness. I make a knit 3 purl 3 with fringe. If I use 54 stitches, I can make a shawl using 2 skeins or just a little over, which helps with my cost; however, I am getting a little tired of making that same pattern. Does anybody have any ideas for making a 2 or 3 skein prayer shawl with Homespun?

Lion has several other shawls on their site that should be suitable. I was just in the library this morning and there was a book of prayer shawls, can’t recall the name. You can also search for the Prayer Shawl Ministry site which has several patterns.