Prayer shawl with cuffs

Has anyone ever seen a pattern for a prayer shawl with ribbed cuffs? I’m thinking it would be helpful to keep the shawl from slipping off if there were cuffs to slip hands into.

Cuffs? They don’t have sleeves do they?

Cuffs without actual sleeves may not be enough to help them stay on. Lion has several patterns all the same, but done in different yarns, and with slightly different measurements, for a rectangle that’s folded in half then the side edges are sewn up for about 6-8" from the bottom. That creates a sort of sleeve and they would stay on, but they still have the looseness of a shawl.

After literally minutes of research, I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s no particular pattern for a prayer shawl at all, so you could probably add whatever design features you like. OR… you could just get a shawl pin and call it a day if the aim is to help keep it from slipping off.

The folks who appear to have invented the concept though are on line at Looks like they have a whole book full of patterns (actually three books full). And they have a contact page, so if anybody could answer the question they probably could.

Since there’s no specific pattern for them, you might also look at a poncho or capelet design. There are TONS of those out there, in varying degrees of complexity, and a lot of them are free.

Thank you all!