Prayer Shawl Question

Ok Ive looked to no avail.
Will someone tell me if it would be uncooth to make a prayer shawl for someone who is NOT hurting or suffering from a loss or the like?

I just want to let them know they are in my prayers and thoughts and im sending this shawl to them as a warm hug from me.

Would that actually be a “Prayer Shawl”? or just a thoughtful gift?

It can be whatever you want it, you don’t need to attach a label to it; I’m sure they’d appreciate a warm hug.

I made a shawl for my husband’s nana. I called it a comfort shawl b/c she’s not dying. I just wanted her to have something to wrap around her shoulders when she felt like she needs comforting (her husband died many years ago).

I explained to her that it is a prayer shawl, but since she isn’t sick or dying we’d just call it a comfort shawl. For those days she really needs some comfort. She could wrap this shawl around her shoulders and feel like she’s being hugged/comforted!


We make Oddball Shawls here in the forum, and call them “Care Shawls”.

hawl Ministry book even has suggested prayers for graduation, going to college, getting married…you don’t have to be praying for someone ill or grieving. They can bring good wishes, too!

I am in the process of knitting a shawl for my DW. It is a shawl to keep her warm and will be given as such. However, it is a prayer shawl in that I say a prayer for each stitch. I hope these prayers will rub off over the years.

Everyone can use prayers, hurting or not. Good for you!:yay:

I agree with the above - I like the term ‘care shawl’, or I call them ‘friendship shawls’. I think everyone appreciates knowing they are thought of, prayed for, and at this time of year anything to keep the shoulders or legs warm is appreciated. I got a pattern book (crocheted) for those in wheel chairs, that is in essence a lap blanket but it has a bit of a ‘sleeping bag’ bottom cuff that the feet go into to keep them warm. Those in wheel chairs or that don’t get around a lot really appreciate that (even though they weren’t ‘sick’ per se… but we all need prayers nonetheless! I think it is a terrific idea and that you should go for it! :thumbsup:

My mother crocheted me one a few years back. I loved it, but now I can’t find it, and it is killing me.

reeny - don’t be upset - someone needs prayers more than you do and when their need is over it will reappear.


My husband’s brother and his wife moved to Tulsa, OK last year to attend Reymont Missionary School. I’ve been thinking about making her a prayer shawl so she can wrap up in it while she’s studying to become a missionary and to let her know that she’s always in my thoughts and prayers. To me, prayer shawls are just to let those know that they are in your prayers and thoughts. cloud9