Prayer Shawl Prayers Please

I started a prayer shawl today for a friend at church Who was blindsided a couple of weeks ago when her husband of 25 plus years filed for divorce and left town suddenly. I am doing a very simple ‘trinity’ pattern. I have never knit a project this large and I need to do it quickly. I truely feel that this is something God wants me to do for her because I woke up this morning and could not get the thought out of my mind.

:pray: :hug:

You are a very good friend to do this.

I have about 20 inches done on the shawl. I am proud of my progress and the way it is turning out. I am doing it in Homespun - Parfait. Thank you ladies for commenting. It has been an encouragement to keep working on it.

I’ll be praying for her.

I am now almost halfway finished with the body of the shawl. It is develping and pritty striped pattern and lacey look. Thank you for your continued prayers.

I wrapped the prayer shawl and gave it to my friend this morning. She was not going to open it until after church so I do not know how she liked it. I hope it brings her comfort in the difficult days ahead. Could not take a pic with my own camera but will post one from my husbands phone when I get it transfered.

I will continue to pray for your friend. :pray:


Here is a picture of the prayer shawl just before I placed it in the box. Thanks to my DH for taking it as my camera battery was low at just the wrong time. BTW my friend was very appreciative. It has been very hard on her family but they are holding up well considering.

Great idea to make her a prayer shawl. I went through the same situation and I know it would have meant the world to me to know someone cared. My heart goes out to her :hug:

Beautiful. What a good friend you are. :pray: for your friend.