Prayer Shawl patterns

I am looking for prayer shawl patterns that are comprised of smaller knit or crocheted squares that can then be sewed/crocheted together to form a shawl.

I am finding that some people are afraid to commit to knitting a shawl that is one, continuous long piece of knitting, but are very open to the idea of contributing smaller squares that can then be combined with others’s squares to then be put together to form a shawl.

Any ideas/patterns that would work for this?

Debra Templeman
Cincinnati OH

Any pattern can be a prayer shawl, you could try some afghan patterns made from squares, just sew them together narrower. Use dishcloth patterns and put the squares together.

Decide on a size square. They can be assembled into squares or rectangles as desired - or if you have someone willing to do a few triangles, you can do a triangular pieced shawl. Standardization of the square is all you need to start - then you decide on colour placmeent etc when you make them up.

I am knitting a throw for myself that is for leftover yarn. I got the pattern from Pattons Next Steps book One. It is knit on size 13 or 15 needles with two strands of bulky weight yarn held together. You cast on 24 st and knit for 12 inches. The squares are about 12 inches. You could make a nice shawl by sewing them together 2X6 then fringing the ends. Very simple. You could also experiment with other needle sizes to get a 12 inch Square.