Prayer Shawl Ministry

I am a new member of this forum and wonder if anyone ever donates yarn, needles and crochet hooks they no longer need or want to charities? Our church has just started a prayer shawl ministry and since it is a poor parish, our members will be hard pressed to come up with the resources to purchase these items. We have 13 members so far, and have been blessed with some donations to get us started, but our need will be ongoing. Our shawls go to those who are ill, grieving or otherwise in need of comfort and prayers. We have given three away so far, and what an awesome and heartwarming experience for not only the recipients, but for us as well. So, if any of you or anyone you know has leftover yarn,etc. they would like to donate to our ministry, we would be so grateful for your generosity. You can PM me for details.

We do have a Charity forum too. It’s mostly for organizing KALs and things, but you could also post your request there too.

Welcome to Knitting Help, glad to have you join us.

Thank you Suzeeq – glad to be here. I’ll do as you suggest and post on the Charity forum as well. BTW, what is KALs?

Sorry, thought you knew - it stands for Knit A Long. Sometimes that can be where people work on the same pattern for themselves and can exchange help and advice, sometimes people will knit individual squares for blankets to be donated. There’s been some that are for shawls - someone starts one, works a few inches or several rows, then sends it on to someone else who does the same and sends it to another and so on. Then the finished item is donated to charity.

Hi! KAL means Knit ALong. Generally speaking it’s people are making the same thing at the same time. Your prayer shawl ministry sounds really meaningful. What a blessing for the recipients.

I suppose in a way our Prayer Shawl Ministry could qualify as a KAL…we will be having regular get togethers at the church where we will do our knitting, pray for the recipients, fellowship, etc. I’ve suggested that those who are just learning, start with a square (less daunting than a shawl to start with) and then we can join all of them together into a shawl…it would be extra meaningful. Then maybe they could go on to prayer cloths…working their way up to a shawl when they feel ready. There are so many wonderful possibilities…we are all so excited to be a part of this ministry.