Prayer request

I hope you hear from the new doctor soon. Take care of yourself and try to stay positive.

Breathe, and hang in there. Look at all of us who are praying and standing with you… :muah:

Best of luck and big hugs- fertility treatments are definitely not for the faint of heart.

:muah: Let us know how you’re doing, and I wish you the best!

My doctor consulted with a medical endocrinologist who thinks it will be fine to proceed with the IVF since my T3 and T4 levels are normal. If (oh please!) I get pregnant, I will be put on meds for the TSH level.

I’m so tired, though, that I might ask for meds now. I took today off of work because I can’t work. I’m that tired.


Laura, I’ll certainly continue praying that you achieve the results you want with the IVF. A very close friend went through years of medical intervention attempting to become pregnant, so I know kind of second hand the stress it puts on you.

Lot’s of sleep can do you only good.