Prayer request

Hi. I really believe in the Power of prayer and I know that there are quite a few people here who do too. Could you please pray for my sister Sharon. She has been going through a really tough time lately. She is bipolar with a list of other medical problems. Lately when I have been calling her I noticed something was not right. Last night she finally told me that she had been having a really hard time staying awake, that she didn’t ever feel like eating, she stopped going to therapy about 2 months ago and she wasn’t taking her medicines correctly. This isn’t the first time with the sleeping all day and not eating but it is the first time she has ever messed up her medicines and stopped going to therapy. It has been over 6 years since her last hospital stay. I firmly believe it is because she was taking her meds and going to therapy.
Today my Mom took off work to take her to hospital. It’s really hard for us( her family) because she is an adult. We have to hope and pray that she will tell the truth and get the help she needs.
I know I am rambling . Thanks in advance!

My prayers are with you and your family.

I prayed as soon as I finished reading your post. God will help your family to find an answer as to how to properly help your sister and will help the doctor’s to find the cause and treat your sister’s health issues. :hug: :hug:

I pray for the medical staff and that they are given the best ideas to help your sister. I pray for sister and your family!!:heart:

I don’t pray per se, as that is not my beliefs but I am sending you good wishes and positive thoughts for your sister. I know how it is to love someone who has bipolar, and I send you all my best.

Prayer said. I hope your sister and your family find resolution.

Prayer said, for your sister and the rest of your family, AND the medical staff.

Worked in psychiatric hospitals for a lot of my career, and know how hard it is to watch a family member have these problems.

If it’s OK with you, I’ll put her on our church prayer line also.

Thank you all! Debkcs that would be wonderful thanks.

I said a prayer for her. I’m sure this is just a little bump in the road.

Neighbor, my prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.

I’ll be thinking of your sister. My father has battled bipolar his entire life. He’s been stable for quite a few years now (on lithium), but it was a LONG road for him to get to that point!

I wish your sister a speedy (but thorough) recovery - and for you as well, since the depression doesn’t only affect your sister, but you and your entire family.

Prayers are on their way for your sister, your family and the medical staff involved.

:hug: Praying for your sister to get through this tough time and for the doctors to have the wisdom and resources to treat her effectively. Also, for you and your family to have the strength to see her through her difficulty. With such a loving family, she is sure to be better soon!


Sending prayers your way. :pray:

Yarnrainbow is right…with such a loving family, she will come through this. I’m praying for all of you!

you all are in my thoughts and prayers :hug:

Amen! I also pray for the medical staff and your family.
I pray that the Lord guides the medical staff, and that your sister makes a complete recovery. All things are possible with God.