Prayer request

I’m in the middle of IVF meds, and am praying that this IVF cycle will not be cancelled. Whether we can proceed or not depends upon the number of mature follicles I have tomorrow. I’ve been on injectables meds for 11 days. Please, if you would, say a prayer that I’m able to have a baby in 2008!



You got it.

May you be sprinkled in baby dust, and the stork visit you in 40 weeks or so.:pray: :hug:


Wishing you all the luck love and baby kisses you can stand. I hope everything goes well.

You are in my prayers!!!

:pray: praying for you!

Many prayers and good thoughts for you!

Prayers, blue candles, Rose quartz points, and any other thing I can think of.
All with my Image of you (as I know you)
All heading your way.


Praying for you!

Praying for you and the lucky child who will have you as a loving mother to cherish him/her. :pray: Crossed Fingers


My thoughts are with you. It is a difficult time and a lot of waiting . I hope it works out for you. :slight_smile:


:pray: :pray:

:hug: :heart: :hug: