Prayer for MIL

Two days ago my DH gets a call at 1:30am telling him that his mother is in the hospital. Only told that she lost feeling in her legs and cannot use her right hand. Next day we call and find out the cancer in her brain is getting worse. The doctor is telling her that if it continues the way it is going, that she has anywhere from a week until the end of the year.

I truly believe in the power of prayer. I love my MIL and ask that all of you that pray, please add her to your list. I want her to live a very long time, DH and I got married without any of the family there, and when we get back to America we want to renew our vows in front of everyone, and she needs to be there to see us.

Joanne, my heart goes out to you! Your dear mom-in-law and all your family are in my prayers!

You got it.


You are all in my prayers.


:hug: :heart: :pray: Coming your family’s way.


:hug:You all will be in my thoughts and prayers.:pray:

so sad to hear … we will pray for your family and your MIL … you and DH have to be strong for your MIL… God bless you all:hug:

I’m sorry. You’ll all be in my prayers.