Prayer Concern

Sorry to bother everyone, but I have a prayer concern. My grandma, the one who taught me to knit et the reason why Im in SD right now, is in the process of losing one of her siblings to the Kingdom of Heaven. She just lost her sister a little over two months ago et is having to go through this again for her only remaining brother. This will leave her et a younger sister out of 6.
Please keep her (Dagny) et Miltzo’s wife Laurie in your prayers as they say their goodbyes to a great man.
Thank you.


:hug: :pray: :hug:

Indeed, my thoughts will be with them.


:grphug: :pray: :grphug:

:pray: :hug:

:hug::pray: :hug:

Thank you so much for the prayers. I took a couple of days off work to spend some time with my grandma. I think that would be the hardest thing about getting older–watching your loved ones die. I couldn’t imagine losing any of my siblings.

No word yet on Milt. He et his wife are spending their time together alone, so grandma refused my offer to drive her up to Minneapolis.

Et of course, while I was getting ready to go to her place yesterday, there was a house fire at my brother’s where I had been staying. DSIL et I grabbed baby Jayci et Peanut the dog et ran down the street in the 5 degree weather while my DB et the fire department put out the fire. sighs Why do things like this happen? Other than smoke inhilation, everyone is okay et the house, for the most part is in one piece. But the bathroom is a total loss. DSIL says she is excited bc now she gets new carpet. rolls eyes Crazy family! :heart: