Practicing brioche stitch

I have ripped this out 4 times already, and will need to do a fifth. (made a big mistake at right hand side).
I find it interesting enough that this isn’t a problem. It’s slow-going though, as if I’m knitting 2 layers of fabric in one. It doesn’t grow fast.

it sure is thick!
I’m also practicing with acrylic yarn, but will buy some good yarn to make a cozy scarf. Cheap yarn ‘pills’ too quickly, as you can see in pic.
It’s still cold here, and I’m tired of having a cold neck.
After my heart surgery, 2 months ago, I’ve been building up a walking schedule every day. I’m up to 40 mins at a time, but some days I come home shivering.

Expensive yarn pills too - it’s more how it’s spun than the price. If a yarn is loosely spun it’s softer, but that’s also what allows it to pill more. A single ply of any weight or price will pill a lot more than a 4 ply too.

But good for you on the brioche; it is almost like double knitting, but it’s looser than regular rib so it doesn’t take as many stitches per row. Nice and cushy warm too.

Good luck with it!

We still have lots of snow; the melting will begin next week as the forecast is predicting a bit of a warming trend…but meanwhile, many more critters are showing up for the bird feeding I do. (my fav hobby - when DH complains about the expense of the feed, I remind him that we’re not just feeding wildlife, we are also supporting the two Erwin brothers and their families, who own and run the feed store in town. They told me that bird hobbyists are their largest customer base, because of dwindling numbers of farmers in the area.

Taken through my kitchen window this morning at 7:12AM. How many deer can you count? How many turkeys?

A whole bunch of both! Beautiful photo.
It’s wonderful to work in brioche, such a lovely cushy fabric. It may help to use a lifeline or two with the brioche just in case. Good luck with it.

Remind me again what a lifeline is? Is it holding an extra thread against your row and knitting over it, so it can be pulled out easily?

Sort of, usually you thread it into the stitches, but it’s so you can rip back to that row. It can be threaded into the hole on your interchangeable needles too, and follow your knitting across the row.

Nice photo! I’ll maybe count later, the 2 turkeys (thank you for saying they are turkeys, I thought so but wasn’t sure) are what really caught my attention. They look posed. You couldn’t pose them if you tried! I’ve not tried brioche yet, guess I will one day, yours is looking good! Please, do keep warm.

Looking good so far! :thumbsup:

Keep those critters fed and yourself well and warm (please)!

I’m super impressed that you are knitting a practice swatch to ‘learn’ this brioche stitch. :thumbsup:

Brioche can be very hypnotic! Once you get your mojo rolling…it will sail along.
It isn’t for TV knitting, that’s for shore!

Here’s a really cute scarf pattern that is ‘reversible’ and uses brioche with cables. One of our KH knitters posted hers here, and I loved it so much I had to do one, too! But it was a challenging learning curve, to be sure!

Before I started my scarf, I researched ‘brioche knitting’ like a mad scientist.
There were lots of helpful websites and youtube videos to help out!

Click here. It’s a free pattern, too.