Practical use of knit washcloth...stupid question

I just made my first dishcloth, and I just can’t imagine washing up spaghetti sauce with it!! I don’t know what I’m going to do with mine! I was thinking washcloths, but are they really that scratchy? What to do, what to do…

That is my fear! That I will make a dish or wash cloth and then be unable to use it for what it is!

I know what you mean! What about a potholder instead? It’s less likey to get dirty.

I got some cotton from Knitpicks and it is very soft. Much softer than the Sugar and Cream is. I can’t wait to see how it works as a dishcloth.

Oh I am knitting washcloths too to practice my stitches. Although I haven’t finished one yet. I keep ripping them apart. :blush: I guess I am trying to make them perfect and not just practice.

I also thought how could I use this for cleaning after all my hard work. :wink:

Yes go to and they have like 5 pages of all different patterns that you can use for the cloths. They also have a picture of each. I like to see what I’m knitting so that I can hope mine looks like the picture. :wink: Good luck can’t wait to see what you make.

I’m one that likes to scrub my face. I don’t feel like I’ve gotten it clean otherwise…prolly not all that great for the face…but I DO use a 10 stitch or so cotton cloth on my face. :slight_smile:

Oh I just wanted to add that I found out that the sugar and cream yarn which you can get at Micheaels you can also get at Joann. But it’s like $1.27 at michaels and $2.19 at Joann. I couldn’t believe it. Although I did buy a few rolls at joann because michaels didn’t have these colors.

Patons Grace is a dream to knit or crochet with, but I wouldn’t recommend it for washing up with. The mercerized part is a chemical process that the yarn goes through to remove “fuzz”, which gives it its sheen. It does feel nice to feel up, but I find regular cotton yarn to be softer in a wet state.

mason line??? mason line??? Who would ever thunk it? Now I’ll be saying, “sure honey, I’d love to ride along.”


I’m glad I started this post! You have given me a great idea. I have a friend expecting a baby in September. I think I’ll knit up a few washcloths for the baby so he or she has something nice to wash with in the tubby!

I like to knit round ones (great short row practice!) and love the scrubby texture on my face and body. And they feel thick and luxurious.

Bye bye loofah, hello hand knit wash cloths!

I was at Whole Foods yesterday, and noticed they were selling some knitted tub things: a back scrubber, a mit, etc…

They were just stockinette, and they were made out of some kind of really rough fiber and I started thinking (after I looked at the price tags, ouch) that one could probably make them up using TWINE. Holy exfoliation, batman!

Has anyone tried knitting with twine? Have I lost my mind?

When my widowed mom remarried a couple years ago, I inherited all her kitchen towels/cloths, etc. when she movd into her new dh’s home. There were several knitted cloths in there, which I assume had been given to her, as I didn’t knit yet then, and she’s not a knitter.

I LOVE using them. They’re thicker, more absorbant, and do a better clean up job when wiping down the counters. They do get stained, but I just toss them in the washer with my bleach loads. Yes, the color has faded, but since they have no sentimental value to me, I don’t worry about how they look; I just like how well they do the job.

I made my daughter-in-law a “kitchen basket” for Christmas. She loves to cook and spend time in the kitchen. In the basket, I included a Rachel Ray cookbook, a couple of flour sack dishtowels, a pair of Chicago Cutlery kitchen shears, a bag of candy, and 5 handknitted (by me) kitchen dishcloths in yellow and blue, both variegated and solids, to match her kitchen. :smiley:

I noticed somewhere else in this forum that someone made dishcloths with Red Heart acrylic yarn. They said that the cloth was EXCELLENT for scrubbing dishes - better than cotton.

Knitting dishcloths is a FABULOUS way to practice stitches without committing yourself to a huge project. I have limited knitting time but I really want to make sure that the time I spend knitting is making me a better knitter so when I eventually do have time, I won’t have to catch up on learning everything. I love just paging through my stitch dictionaries and finding interesting stitches and swatching them up.

Some cotton yarns are softer than others. The Wal-mart brand of 100 percent cotton is definitely softer than Lion Cotton or Lily. It’s by Elmore Pisgah. Some people like to use Cotton Tots which is very, very soft. Or a cotton/acrylic blend.

Sadly, the Wal*Mart brand comes in all of 5 colors, at least at my store. I’ll stick with Sugar & Cream or CottonTots.

In one of my pattern books (I can’t remember which one) it says to use acrylic because it dries very fast. I’ve only used cotton ('cause I love cotton and the little balls of it it in my bag easily :p) and I do like them a lot.