Powerpuff Girls

'lo! :happydance:

I’m looking for a nice pattern for knitted Powerpuff Girls (Buttercup in particular) dolls. Or at least something easy to change and make into a Powerpuff Girl :smiley: Know of any?


Not a clue… but here’s some doll patterns.

Hi, my name is amber, I too am looking for a knitting pattern to make powerpuff girls dolls as my daughter is autistic and a huge fan and we cant track down powerpuff girls dolls here in nz, did you manage to find one??

Here are two crochet patterns that might be adapted to knitting:

(Ravelry is free to join if you haven’t already.) You could also try Knitting Pattern Central to see if anything comes up there. Good luck with the search. You may end up making up your own pattern!