Potential yarn issue

Ok, last night I got home and evidently Cooper (the lab) had gone to town on my yarn. He had unravelled a bunch of Patons divine, and he dewrappered a few skeins of other things. The problem is, that when I rolled up a ball of wool ease, it was mostly intact, except at the very end, it was in 3 pieces. So we are now on “blockage” watch. Did he in fact ingest any yarn? And if so, will it cause a blockage? I am just praying that he just broke the yarn when he was de=wrappering it - he loves to shred paper and things. We won’t really know until tomorrow, at the earliest.

(tomorrow would be the day that I am having 60 swim team kids over after their meet for a pasta party as if I don’t already have enough to worry about. Oh yeah, and I realized last night, right after the finding of the yarn, that I can only fit 4 trays of rigatoni in my oven at a time, and I will have 10 to cook…and its not like you can microwave this crap and I will need all ten at one time…).

(no damage to any WIPS - I did have one sock lose one DPN but I was able to easily put that back on)

For you praying types, say a little prayer that my silly boober is ok. All yarn has been removed from his presence. He acts fine, but I guess what I have to watch for is vomiting, lethargy and perhaps acting like his tummy hurts.

OH no! From what I’ve heard, Labs have pretty “strong” stomachs. My friend has a lab that eats socks! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. Poor doggie.

Ditto, Kemp…I’ve heard that Labs can…and do, eat just about everything, so that is good news for him, let us know. And, since u moved your yarn, I guess…lesson learned :happydance: :happydance: Good luck with that party & stove issue :thumbsup: …you are a brave woman to have so many kids over :thumbsup:

Will definitely say a little prayer for the wayward dog!!

My cat LOVES my Lorna’s Laces sock yarn–and the other night I fell asleep with it in my lap. It had about 3 inches of ribbing , and I got awakened enough to see/feel my neutered male cat “making love” to my sock yarn in my lap—just purring and kneading with the ball of it in his mouth!! . He obviously thought it was a very soft yummy female cat who happened to be a variegated forest green color. He’s very amorous, ( and I repeat he has been NEUTERED!!!); and he has a special “bankie” that he has a very close relationship with…but never so much as he’s gotten into the Shepherd Sock yarn!!

I thought I’d never get it untangled, plus he has excruciatingly horrid breath…so I had to WASH it before I could even TRY to do anything else with it. It was SO hard to get untangled, I almost gave up–but it’t too expensive and yummy to throw away.

But I can see his point–if you must make love to your yarn—it really should be Lorna’sLaces!!

Hope youall got a really nice picture of the cat/yarn love!! The things we do for our yarns and our animals!!

Oh boy…I sure hope the dog is okay! Hopefully he didn’t ingest too much if he ate any at all. Keeping fingers crossed for you!

And now… YOU ARE HAVING 60, [size=6][color=red]SIXTY!![/color][/size] KIDS OVER! :shock: :shock: You are a brave woman and you must have a big house! :shock:

Kitkat -

OT from your current dog situation (hope the pooch is okay)
but I chose to focus on your other dilemma - the food!

could you maybe make some trays of pasta cold? like a pasta primavera that doesn’t need to be super hot? so you could heat it before hand and have it at room temp?

Thanks all - although prior to this the only yarn that Cooper really adored was Patons Divine and that yummy sock yarn sent by femmi…evidently he has no problems with the cheapo stuff either, since that was the one that was in several pieces! So far he is acting fine, but the vet said we need to go on poop patrol and watch for errant pink Wool-ease…

Re the party - I went out and bought a cheapy roaster thing at Walmart that I should be able to fit 3 or 4 in, and then am sending 3 home with Kyle’s girlfriend, whose mom will be bringing the salad and bread for tomorrow, and I can get 4 in my teeny double ovens, so that crisis is averted for now. I have the stuff defrosting right now, it was frozen rock solid, s o I popped in the cold ovens stacked up, so that tomorrow they won’t take as long to cook. Also doing 15 lbs of meatballs, in 4 crockpots…

Is my house big? Um, no. However, we did this last year and the kids were just fine, there were about 10 in the living room, 20 in the basement and 20 in the family room watching some movie ----they all cleaned up after themselves…it really went very smoothly. Last year we had the food brought in, and truthfully I think it is cheaper than what we did this year, but oh well live and learn!

If it is any consolation, my mom’s dog ate many candles, balls of yarn (not just pieces), crayons, shoes and a tv remote control and lived to be 14 years old with no ill-effects from her unusualy eating habits. Hopefully, your baby will be ok as well.

At least it was the wool ease that may have been eaten and not somethng nicer!!!

Poop patrol is so nice this time of year, its like 10 degrees out with snow, and he thinks we are going out to play. No fun. So far so good though.

I had a friend bring over another roaster, so now I have 2 roasters and 4 crockpots - I think I have it covered, weeeee!!!

How is this possible :??

Not the first time I have heard of that - and the issue is the battery, not the remote!

Survived the pasta party. Wooeee those kids can eat! I had enough pasta for 110 adults, 7 loaves of bread, 15 lbs of meatballs, one sheet cake and believe me, most of its gone! And then the boys decided to do their team-bonding hair dying tonight…big fun at chez-wagner!!! We are down to about 20 kids now, and so far no blockage for Mr. Cooper…