Potential problem at Target Wish me Luck

SOOO I was checking my online banking when lo and behold as was doubled billed by Target. now I went to target on Monday. when I was there I used my debit/credit card. the machine froze and it said to give it to the checker. so i did. she then swiped it. now in fairness we both thought that it didn’t go through. since the machine SAID to give it to the checker.

So i called Target when I saw that i was charged twice. now it was not a small shopping day. I spent $153. this target has groceries. So its not like I’m complaining over $10. the lady says Ok come in, with your receipt and in 5 days you will be credited. I’m like Uh no. you will credit me right away. You can charge me right away. and If i was returning something I would be credited right away.

i told her I am still at work and that she has 4 hours to figure out how to credit me right away and that I was bringing my bank statement with me. Now the zinger is I was planning to go to Target to purchase something and I told her this. so i told her figure it out. and I wont be an angry customer.

So wish me Luck and I’ll let you know how it turns out. I know why they are trying to hold on to it for 5 days. they want the interest on the money. ugh.

Hopefully it goes smoothly and you’re credited promptly!

I think, though, the reason they have the 5 day waiting period is to make sure the funds are there before issuing a return or credit. They want to be sure you have the money to cover your purchase in your bank account so they are not out any money. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that’s why.

Also call your bank. This has happened to me a couple of times. My bank temporally puts the money back in my account while it investigates and resolves the issue. I mean it’s pretty obvious when it is an identical transaction minutes apart. I think its actually more a bank issue than a Target issue and you will probably get it resolved faster.

Nope target wouldn’t refund the money. ARGGHHHHH So went to my bank. they are refunded the money immediately. My bank is Bank of America. Money is in my account as we speak.

Ummm, why in the world won’t they return your money? That’s insane.

Exactly! What the heck??! :noway:

Nice to know that at least B of A was decent about it. I have them as my bank, it’s good to know that maybe they’ll be on my side if I ever have a problem like that. Now Target, that’s another story, I’m a little appalled at their customer service, yipes! Any imbecile can look at a bank statement and your receipt and decipher that you were charged twice for the same transaction. It might be a little harder to explain if it was a some time apart but I’m guessing the time between the two transactions must not have exceeded two minutes if even that. :hmm:

Agreed - considering it was an error on Target’s part and not your bank.

Yep I was a little surprised at the customer service at target. especially since when I called earlier at stated that I didn’t want to wait 5-7 days and stated I would bring in my bank statement, the day manager said oh well if you bring in the statement I’m sure we can take care of you.

I think it was the specific manager at the time. He was just being difficult for absolutely no reason at all. Even the original customer service person tried to do it but didn’t have the authority. The manager was BEYOND rude. He basically accused me of lying. Even though I brought in my bank statement with my receipt. they even checked the register which showed one transaction but two payments!!! the customer service girl started arguing with him. I said fine lets call my bank and verify and he said no. so I just bypassed him and went to B of A and when I said i need to contest a debit charge they stated oh the one that’s charged twice? I didn’t even had to tell them which one it was.

Wow! What poor customer service. I’ve always had very good customer service from Target, but I hear of other people who are always getting the run around. I had a friend who bought a bunch of clothes for her mother who was in the hospital. Many of them didn’t fit right or weren’t right for the mom. So my friend took 5 pieces back that weren’t right. With the reciept. She was told because she returned 5 items in one transaction that she was now blacklisted and couldn’t make returns anymore. Huh?!? I could see if she was a habitual returner who never had her reciept but 5 items on the same reciept a few days after she bought them? I guess it just varies from manager to manager. Maybe the bad managers are former Walmart managers. :wink:

Wow :noway: I can’t even wrap my brain around that one. Thank you for posting this thread. From now on I’m going to be extra careful when I shop there, if something like that happens to me and the clerk wants to scan my card again I’ll make her void the whole transaction before I’ll give her my card to swipe herself.

how rude! hope everything goes smoothly!

My dh and I were bought over $400.00 worth of groceries. He ran his card thru and the machine didn’t act like it read his card. So the girl said to “run it thru again” so he did.
The next day my dh saw that the machine DID subtract the high amount TWICE from our bank account. So he went right back to the grocery store and told them and they did fix it right away. But that was a LOT of money to have withdrawn at once.

Just a note on Target customer service…

I actually blackballed them a while ago. My mom has multiple health problems including severe asthma and arthritis and simply can not walk through a store. She has to shop at stores which have motorized carts for public use. She was happy when she heard Target had some of these. Previously she had been limited to Walmart, Food Lion and Safeway. She happily shopped, and was about to leave with her (over $200s worth) purchases. She was stopped at the door and informed the motorized cart can not leave the store. Well, they are expensive so I suppose it is understandable. I imagine they get stolen quite a bit. She informed the employee that she was handicapped and couldn’t carry the bags, could he escort her to the car and then bring the cart back in himself? No. Well, could he arrange for someone to help her load her car? No. Would he get her a cart so she could put her purchases into it? No? Could he watch her cart until she could bring her car to the door? No, he couldn’t be responsible for that. She got upset and asked what the hell he was good for then.

Upset and embarassed she got her own cart, transferred her purchases from the motorized cart, walked to her parking space, loaded her car and then promptly had an asthma attack. All the while the employee stood there and watched.

When I got home and my mom told me what happened, I packed everything back up and returned it all to the store. Even an open package of cookies. Upon arrival they tried to tell me that they couldn’t take an “entire purchase” return. I then asked to speak to the manager. A kid of all of 19 appeared. He also refused to return the purchases. I requested the district manager. No one else was available.
At that point I turned and looked directly at the camera and held up the receipt. I then told them that I was on their own surveilance showing a valid receipt. I told them to be sure to save that disk, as I am sure they would want to see it when I contacted the corporate office in Minneapolis regarding the discrimination suit I was filing for the way my mother was treated.
In less than 5 minutes I had my moms refund.

I am not a letigious person, and I am pretty patient. But don’t mess with my momma.

eek! dont think all target employees are bad :confused:
I work the sales floor, and if we are anything but overhelpful our managers arent happy. I have never heard of any problems at my store :?

I haven’t shopped at Target for almost 2 years due to their lousy customer service. I happily replaced them with Wal-Mart where I have always gotten a “thank you”, a smile and never a hesitation or question about a return.

:shock: :noway: Oh my goodness Chel! This is one horrible (and cruel) customer service. :shock: You did the right thing, they don’t deserve your mom’s money!

I guess we’ve been lucky. They have never balked at a return or anything. Yikes. I’ll be careful now though for sure.

Wow, that’s just insane! Is there any way you can bring this to the attention of someone higher up (district manager or something along those lines)? Especially when you were told you could be taken care of over the phone, and then had that rude manager tell you nope, even with all the evidence you provided…
Sorry, what can I say? I’ve been in this mood lately where if something is not quite right with a store or something, I will email or write a letter to someone higher up. How will they know things aren’t right if no one tells them? I don’t do this often, but sometimes, some situations seem to almost require it…