Potato Chip scarf?

I need to know ASAP how to make the potato chip scarf. I seen it done up in a knit shop, but she couldn’t tell me exactly how to do it. I went to KnitPicks but Adobe Acrobat won’t let me down load the pattern…help please and also is the Corkscrew scarf similar and/or the same one? I’m confused. I seen corkscrews done up on the end of some scarf online. That was kinda cute too :thinking:

Maybe you need to update your Adobe?

Cast on 90 sts

Row 1: knit
R2: KFB in every stitch (180 sts)
3: knit
4: KFB in every stitch (360 sts)
5: knit
6: KFB in every stitch (710 sts)
7: knit

Bind of loosely.

anyone got a pic of this scarf??? Sounds interesting…

Potato Chip Scarf

Thanks–reminds me of my best friend…maybe I’ll make her one.

o.k…but I don’t know how to knit front and back. I know how to increase or M1 but in the back? Please be more specific as I’m not a pro by any means.

Knit front and back :smiley:

Thanks Julie and Ingrid…duh…I knew how to M1 like that but I read more into it that I had to increase in the front of the stitch and again in the back…I know…makes no sense. I tend to do that and overanalyze the pattern or directions. Thanks again~
Is the corkscrew scarf the same? On how you make the tassels?