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I’d like to check it out Braden.


Okay, PM me with your address, and I’ll mail it out on Tuesday!


i would like one Braden. pming you now.


me too! I’d like to see one…
I’ll pm the snailmail address


I’ve PM’ed all of you back. I’m mailing out the newsletters on Tuesday, and if you like it, let me know, and we’ll discuss payment. I could adjust prices, if need be. Thanks everybody!


I’m sending you all the September Issue - on the Icelandic Lace Afghan!

Some details I didnt’ mention before:

-Each issue has a full color photograph of the design, and sometimes a closeupof the stitches.

-Each issue has written out directions as well as charts for cables and stitches.

-In each issue, the direcion are clearly written, with double spaces between lines, for easy reading.


i think this sounds great. I am excited to check it out, and then hopefully subscribe.


We’re having a Welcome Sale at [B][/B]! Use coupon code - [B]SY10[/B] at checkout and get 10% off on your first purchase. It’s our way of thanking you for checking out our new store. We have beautful hand dyed yarns, great hand spun yarns, knitting bags and accessories. Go check us out!!


We’re having a Welcome Sale at!! Use the coupon code SY10 at checkout and get 10% off your first order. It’s our way of saying thanks for checking out our new site.


I don’t think I’ve said [I]why[/I] I’ve done these newsletters. I’m in junior high, and I needed some extra money. I was thinking about a few weeks ago, “Why not sell some of my designs?” I worked out the first newsletter, and it just took off. I think I have a good thing going here, and I thank all of you for hopefully subscribing.



You’re in Junior Hi and already writing your own patterns!!! When did you start knitting? Holy Cow, I’m impressed!


I began knitting when I was 7. I started designing and writing patterns when I was about 11. I’ve kept most of the ones I ever designed, and now I’m putting them in these newsletters, adapting them to new sizes, editing them, etc.


Hey! Have appreciated your help in the past… I would be interested, is it something you have digitally as well, and I could send you my e-mail? Sorry, just a bit confused – as usual. – You are so talented and resourceful, I am sure your family is so proud!


If you would be willing to wait until next month, I could get the newsletter ready for e-mail, but it’s not something that I [I]want[/I] to do. The payment would still have to be by mail, but I could try e-mailing the actual newsletter to you.

Do you have a fax machine? That would be easier.


Thank you so much for inviting us to post here!!

I’ve been making clothes for so long, knitting, and sewing.

I wanted to share some of the great buttons and fabric that I’ve found. I think that some of you will love the buttons and find exciting applications for them.
I would love it if you drop by for a visit and Puleeeeeeze tell me what you think!

There’s more to come, too.
Thank you,


No, that’s fine… just thought digital would be easier for you.

#137 is having a special promotion: Free shipping on all orders until 9/25/07. Go check out their great hand dyed yarns and other knitterly things!


I have sock yarn,worsted and lace weight yarn! I also have hand knit items and stitch markers!


took the plunge! i am opening an etsy shop

i am just starting out… i only have one lonely skein up for sale :wink:


Tomorrow is the last day to take advantage of free shipping on all orders at Place an order and we will pay for all shipping charges! We have beautiful hand dyed sock yarns, Go Knit Pouches, really cute tape measures and more! We will also be featuring hand dyed roving within the next couple of weeks.