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I work in a danish yarn shop, established 12 years ago. We have a physical store and a webshop. We offer scandinavian yarn to good prices. Recently we introduced worldwide shipping so check out our webshop and get inspired: :slight_smile:


Just wondering does anyone else use round looms, rectangle looms, etc. to knit???

And also, has anyone heard of rainbow loom rubber bands? You can make bracelets, charms, and more with them. I’ve noticed that they are very popular and a lot of the procedures you do in knitted can apply when making rainbow loom rubber band bracelets.



I use knitting looms a lot…I adore them. I am also a huge rainbow loom freak :slight_smile:


wow… THAT… is a signature all right…


Hi All–

I am starting a business for recycling old kits, yarn, threads, anything needlework. My site:

Prepaid postage:

you send me your mess.

I will organize/untangle/label the mess. The partially completed work is left untouched.

I will recycle the kit if you do not want it back.

Please give it a try!

Thank you.


Agape Fibers is an online retail store offering natural and specialized yarns, notions and hand knitted apparel for the whole family. I am a small business with a grass roots philosophy providing top notch customer service and providing a personalized experience to each customer.

Current sale…15% off total order with coupon code februarysale
Expires 2/15/15

Online Store:


I publish the only sock knitting eZine with a focus on small businesses, indie dyers, new designers and artists.

The Spring issue just launched this week and it is a doozy! 10 patterns, articles, interviews and more- 160 pages for $7!!!

I have a goal of selling 5000 issues and want to make it fun for all. So with every 100 sales I will be holding a giveaway- sock kits, project bags, yarn… There will be 50 giveaways in all… And unless you win you will be entered into every single giveaway. Just for making a $7 purchase.

Check out this blog post for all the info!

Come join the fun!!! :woot: :cheering: :happydance:


Clearance/Closeout Yarn Sale @AgapeFibers

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Hi, I´m designer for knitting and crochet items, and my etsy shop is this one
Please come and visit me, I always have something new, new patters every week!
happy Knitting


Hi! I’m offering 100% linen (flax) yarn from Belgium on my website
I have really thin linen thread and thick linen yarn. Natural, white, dyed …

And I also offer spandex/lycra fiber: almost invisible cobweb lycra to add elasticity to your projects and help with keeping the shape. :thumbsup:

You can find me on Ebay or Amazon under name designerjourney.

Happy :knitting:


The cutest yarn bowls you can give this holiday! ^_^:knitting: :heart:

Ceramic Studio - Cary, NC


Quality lambswool Kauni 8/2 and Kauni 8/1 yarns from Estonia. They ship really quickly and have good quality in packing and dispatch time from my experience. Who likes this type of yarns i would highly recommend.

Scarfs what i have made of this yarn, 1 is rainbow 8/2 other Soil 8/2.



Hi, Just a heads up if you want to get hold of handmade Chilean Wool and handmade wooden knitting Needles back home then you can. Plus we offer free Shipping. I can even put your name on your needles and make them any size or shape you want.

If you think that I am missing anything that you would like to see then please let me know. I am more than happy to try and find the special products you need.



We can supply sock yarn or worsted

Message me for a discount coupon, I can offer 20% off. We always have free shipping


Not much more to say really :slight_smile: The link is in the signature


Hi Knitters!

I’m Jane from Knitting The Natural Way. We are a natural knitting company, focused on providing knitters with information on natural fibers, as well as unique knitting patterns and other knitting supplies.

We’d love to hear from anyone with questions or comments. You can contact us here.

Thanks Amy, for providing this section for businesses.


Hi everyone :slight_smile: I am an avid knitter, who started to create greeting cards and magnets for knitters/yarn lovers featuring original artwork. Please check out my shop if you have the time! I am looking for feedback, so if you have some constructive criticism for me, please let me know!


I just find this site for embroidery i thinks is cool… maquina de bordar