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hello hello

my b-day :present: is this weekend so i’m celebrating a bit by marking down every item an additional 5% to 20% at The Fox Hop

thanks for looking! :balloons:


I’ve opened up a small Etsy shop with hand dyed yarn and spinning fiber. Please come and have a look!


Hi everybody! I’m embarrassed to admit I can’t knit a stitch – that gene ssems to have passed me by – but I CAN build websites, so I built one for my mom, who some of you may know. Ginger Bladen, who designs Ginger Originals yoke sweater patterns, hats, cardigans, teddybear sweaters, and other cool stuff – I got to serve as a model/test subject a LOT!

I wanted to invite you to stop by her website at and check out her patterns! It’s the only authorized source for Ginger Originals patterns on the 'net. Please stop by!

– Daphne


We’re closing out the knitting side of our business, years and years worth of valuable stock being sold off at incredible prices.

Books, yarn, yarn kits, etc. We’re working on adding it to the website now:

If there’s something specific you’re looking for that you don’t see, just e-mail

#226 here it is linked

and I can’t get the patterns to come up in English.


Well, ok, I’ll tell you about my knitting business. It’s not really a business per se and it not just about knitting. It’s my website which I started in June 2008. As you might guess by the name, it’s about all things ‘needles’ or ‘hooks’. I don’t sell anything on it, but I do have some ads on my site to help defray the cost of running the site. Every little click helps!

Anyway, I post every day and try to keep things interesting. The latest fun thing is a fall giveaway which you can enter until Oct 14. On the sidebar, you will find links to all my articles broken down by category, or you can look in the archives if you want to read the posts as they were published. So come on over and check it out. It won’t cost you a thing!



Here is a link to my OLA auction for a handmade (crochet) travel bed for a small dog or a cat.

This is a charity auction. All proceeds go to:

If you’d like me to make you one in a different color, let me know. The price is the same.
If you’d rather make your own, just give me a nudge. I’ve been meaning to post the directions on my website, but I have a terrible case of the lazies right now. If there’s any interest in this pattern, I’ll get it done – I promise! (The pattern will be free.) :hug:


Here is a link to my yarn & craft auctions at

Thanks for looking. :hug:


[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][SIZE=“3”][COLOR=“Purple”]Thanks to CountryNaturals! She gave me the link here!! I also sell at OLA. I’m just a small-time seller, not a “yarn store”; my yarn sales are stash reduction - and I know y’all know about stash!! or Hoard, as it is known in Dragon-speak

If you click on my siggie, it will take you to one of my vintage yarn auctions. Here’s link to my OLA store, [/COLOR][COLOR=“Blue”]Dragonmum’s Hoard [/COLOR]. [COLOR=“Purple”]I am slow at listing and there’s more where that came from…My craft room, that is

Not only do I have yarn, but fabric, craft patterns and vintage knitting & crochet magazines. If you’re looking for a magazine back issue from the '70s and I don’t have it listed, email me - I only have a tiny number of what I have listed (it’s not my day job! :wink: )[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]


Great to see you here, Dragon. I just finished reading 12 pages of hints in the General Knitting section (when I should have been working on my OLA listings). I may just have to take the rest of the year off and just knit until after Christmas, then get back to work.


Hi, i’ve just set up a little site for my mother-in-law(84) who loves to knit and crochet. I think she’ll love this site. Thanks for the opportunity.


I finally finished listing all the yarn I can’t use from my Christmas bonanza. This is a blowout sale. If my prices are too high, please make an offer. It all has to go.


I am fairly new to knitting, i have only been doing it for about a year now. I have made scarfs and hats and socks for just about everyone I know. I always give them as gifts and have never let anyone pay me for them, i figure that I am going to be doing it anyways so I should just give the items to my friends. Now I have several people who are “friends of friends” or people that i don’t know that are asking how much I would charge to make their children scarfs or hats or whatever the item is. I have no idea what a reasonable amount is to charge! Does anyone have any suggestions? I don’t want to sound greedy but at the same time I don’t want to give them away to people I don’t even know! I would love some help, thanks.
Oh, the only items I would ever sell are hats, socks and scarves (not confident enough on anything else


I think this is where I am suppose to be.
I am so excited about my on line store.
I have knitted items as well as candles.
Check it out. :woot:

I have been knitting like crazy:knitting:

Hope all of you can check it out

Thank u
AAngels Shop
Kathy, Knows, Knots and Knits


i been adding new tea cosy knitting patterns to my website
also there new knitted tea cosys.
new knitting kits will be comming soon
hope you will have a look please


Hi - I’d like to invite all of you to visit my new website Play Yarn Dash and sign up to play. It’s free and you’ll be eligible to win prizes.

Quilters have had their shop hops for a long time, now it’s time for us yarnies to have our own! We call ours a Dash. You’ll be visiting 30 yarn shops of different kinds and searching for the FOUND graphic. It’ll be easy to find and you’ll get to know all kinds of different yarn sites. And you could win prizes! :slight_smile:

Come and sign up, and spread the word!!!

Karen Gass


I have opened a studio on Art Fire for stitch markers…

Add something pretty to your already pretty work…



Hi all
I just started my wool store a week ago and it has been a total success this few days that it has been open. I opened it on Etsy [B][/B] and there I only sell high quality [B]Icelandic wool. [/B]

I have Light-wool, unspun yarn, unspun wool (as for spinning and felting), Einband (special wool for very lightweighted garments and crocheting), books on the subject and more… All the yarn does come in beautiful colors and there will be more;)

If you are interested you can all check by, I am offering [B]FREE[/B] shipping worldwide in February and also [B]5 FOR 4 [/B]on all items, So great deals:o)

Thanks all hope you take a look and don’t hesitate to send me message if you have any questions…



I am launching a brand new Vintage Knitting website called: . The site includes free patterns and patterns for sale, my Vintage Knitting blog, plus helpful resource links (most notably to this site!).

I hope to keep it fun, informative and useful. Since I’m just getting going I would LOVE any constructive feedback.

I am also eager to find other website/blog owners who would be interested in exchanging links (let’s get ourselves higher on that google index, shall we?)!




I’m Jeanette and I have an Etsy store where I sell snag free stitch markers, row counters and row counter bracelets for knitting and crochet!:knitting:

My store is Jeds Joy

Come visit me! If you tell me you found me from this site I will give you free shipping!