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Good god! That just about scared me to death! NEVR EVER EVER put music that starts playing automaticaly on a webpage (expetions MAY be made for a bands page or something like). Some popple listen to their own music while browsing, some pople prefer silence. Never force music on people! I had the sound way up high, your music was so loud it hurt my ears! If you MUST have music please please please make it so that your visitors can CHOOSE weather they want to listen to it or not. As it is I closed your website down as fast as I could, I didn’t get to see a thing.


I don’t have any control in your computer volume, first. If you don’t want to listen to the music on my web, its ok to me. If you don’t want to see my creation (for any reason) thats fine as well. but, you email me for a critic, wile you did don’t even watch a little be my creation, that worry’s me. My web its not only for one person, its for many. beside, I can control the volumen of the music, and, more; I love music in all their forms, and like me, many people does.


I don’t care for music on websites either, but some people like it so let’s just agree to disagree and let this go and get back to the original topic. Thank you.


shop update!

and the new may special is coming soon!

thanks for reading!


I’ve just noticed that i’m coming up on my 50th sale!

so in celebration i’ve decided to offer 50% off any one item bought by the 50th customer!


hi all
I am adding to my web site:gentlemen set ( scarf and cap )and the
fushiaberry set for ladies this week end. But, the green extravaganza shawl its on now.
hope you like them
love & knit


sale is over but some of these items shown are still available! :slight_smile:

thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Anybody has ever bought from Bamboo Knitting needles and knitting supplies there are stupid cheap! Anyone has bought there before? Please share me with your experience there! I want to buy there!
Thank you!


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Hi all: New Item on my fashion collection: The Lasse-Rio Shawl, The Lasse-Yellow shawl & the The Lasse-Rose Shawl. Also coming soon
my new Poncho Design, we did have fun calculating the stitches: 33,064 stitches. Enjoy!


hi all,i have croched food patterns in stock now

also comming soon merino wool&knitted gifts to!!


Hello. I have looked at the site. Super cheap! But I cannot figure out postage to the USA. It looks pretty high if I did it right. Have you ordered? I think they have an E-Bay store too. HTH Rubie


Hi Everyone, I opened up I offer free shipping on all orders and I specialize in Premium Recycled Silk Sari Yarns which are fairly traded and child labor free. Thanks for checking it out. I have a little section there called “The Spin” if you’d like to just comment too!


Please tell us how to find your store. Is it E-bay or Etsy? Thanks


[FONT=“Book Antiqua”][COLOR=“DarkRed”]Hi All
I continued to improve every week my web site, is so much fun!
I add this week of 4th of July the Lasse-B & W shawl, and two drop stitch scarf out of bamboo and cotton. Also the pom pom poncho is online now! ( 33063 stitches )
Was fun to count!
Have fun
Happy 4th of July[/COLOR][/FONT]


I am starting a business (no site yet, but when I get the money for the fees it will be official) of making custom fit socks.


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Hi all:
I been add in new Item on my boutique online. And please! dont exitated to conctact me for any information> Visite my boutique online for the new Item
The Black Swan Scarf, The Blue night Shawl, my sumer tops, the modern girl set and more
click in the link bellow to visite Madi’s website
hope you enjoy this gorgeus July weather.
Well, I do!


Something may be wrong with the link. I’ve tried it several times and it crashes my browser (Firefox) every time.


It opened, but I don’t think firefox likes her site. Sorry Madi!


hi tropicflower24
I am so sorry about that. If I am logging on AOL, crush as well. But if a log to internet explorer its perf fine, runs great. I may have to complain to the web site company about that. Sorry and good luck


hi nitasha
you right, as I said before I must complain to the web company.
with internet explorer I open my web myself and runs great. sorry about that and good luck