Postmodern Legwarmers

I find it amusing that this same designer (who also does Glampyre knits) makes half the stuff I have planned for future projects :open_mouth: I digress.

Who wants to make some postmodern legwarmers? You know you do!

I need something mindless + easy. I was thinking of buying my yarn on Friday (tomorrow) and starting then. Of course I can wait until later if we have a lot of joiners who need more time. Though since it doesn’t take much yarn I’m thinking a lot of you probably have some in your stashes.

Here is the link to the pattern.

They are too cute, I have a gazillion projects on my list right now and can’t add another…but, they are too cute!

I love these!!! they’ve been on my “to knit list” for a while… and leg warmers are coming back!!

Well I am DEFINITELY starting these bad boys on Friday, I think. Though I can wait if a lot of people respond saying they can do it but at a later date. I NEED an easy project.

OH and yes, legwarmers are back! They’re hot. I plan on buying some black leggings and wearing them with the legwarmers and a cute skirt. And Dansko clogs. It would be very hip. At least, in my mind. We’ll see how it looks in practice :wink:

AAaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd, even though no one knows what it is yet, this pattern will work PERFECTLY for the October Monthly Challenge!!! :yay: Don’t wait until then though, cast on those babies!!! You’ll be the first one to complete the challenge in October! :happydance:

I am going to get to work on those bad boys tomorrow. Knitting on the flat in stockinette sounds like heaven to me right about now. Note to self: next time you do cables, buy a cable needle and don’t do it on DPNs.

I finished the first pair, and I am onto pair #2…so if anyone wants to join in, please do! they’re really cute. check out the pics I posted in Whatcha Knitting.

they look great!!! And they complement your fetchings, too, which are ALSO great!!!

I love the pink, too. Not that I was personally thinking about YOU, I was like, Hey, those are juuuuuust sexy enough to turn a guy on (I imagined knitting a pink pair with a little black bow at the top).

I’m glad you had success!!! :hug: For your next pair of fetchings, you may want to try knitting them on 2 circs instead of DPNs; NO STABBING of the eyeballs with those!