Postcards for Austin (Rabbit's) Son - His 11th Birthday is on the 27th

I decided to post this here as well as the General Knitting forum…just to make sure more people see it…

You probably remember Rabbit’s son, Austin, being burned quite badly a few weeks ago. He’s still at the Shriner’s Hospital and will remain there for a while longer as he still has more grafting to undergo. Over 70% of his body was burned, and they’ve grafted about 20% thus far.

His birthday is the 27th of this month, and The Knitter (hugs, my friend) and her Canadian knitters decided to send him postcards. She suggested that we get an atlas to mark the places where the postcards are coming from. Knittinmitchie is handling that part.

I would just love to see them be able to plaster the walls of his room with our postcards.

If you are interested, please send me a PM, and I will provide you with the address of the hospital.

Thanks, all!


Auburn, Will find a postcard and get it off to him. I send him a card yesterday. Love, Grandma :hug:

I can’t seem to find out how to PM you, could you PM the address please? I’ll send him one from Duluth, MN. Thanks!

I’d love to send him a postcard. I was thinking that it might be neat to send him a postcard from Austin, Texas. My cousin is going there next weekend. I’ll have her pick one up.

Would love to send him one – PM’d you!

PM’d you back!



It would be really great if some of our knitters from other countries sent Austin a postcard!!!

I have had a good response thus far…especially since I posted on Ravelry too. :wink:

Is it the same address you PMed me before? I’d love to send one. I mean, what is 15 minutes, a card and a 42 cent stamp going to be in the longrun? I’d love to send Austin a card. :slight_smile:

Yes, it sure is!

Thank you! :hug:

I’ll send one. I’m in Germany now- I haven’t seen any for sale anywhere- but, I’m sure that I can find something to send??
Please send me the mailing address. Thanks

I’m collecting some as I travel, I’ll try and get them in the mail so they arrive by his BD.

Sent you a PM. :thumbsup:

Thanks, my friend. :hug:

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=purple]Would love to send him a postcard…[/COLOR][/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=#800080]Sent you a PM…[/COLOR][/FONT]

Already responded. :hug:

This project is spreading like wildfire! It’s posted on Ravelry under This Week in Ravelry, and I’ve had a LOT of responses! Some people are contacting their relatives and friends in other countries to join in.

What a wonderful group of people…all of you.

The.Knitter…what a GREAT idea! :hug:

raises hand oh, oh, count me in!

I will mail my card in the next day or so.

My postcard is beginning it’s journey. Hopefully it will make it out on the plane tonight.

Can you pm me the address and i will send him one from London UK.