Postage Stamp

Hi everyone - does anyone know if there is a pattern for the US postage stamps featuring knitting?

I have seen the charts in ravelry…If you are a member of ravelry you can see the grouphere… I can’t seem to find them anywhere else… :shrug:

Here is a linkthat you might be able to use… it turns different graphics into charts…you could also google for graph knitting paper and graph it out that way too…:thumbsup:

here’s a large pic, can zoom in for good detail. You could make your own chart easily enough. or just knit straight from the pic.

somewhere on this site, a link was posted to the Detroit Free Press with the article about the woman who designed these stamps and knit them too of course…maybe she can be reached?

ok, wait, maybe I made that whole Detroit Free Press thing up…hmm, sorry about that, but I did find this link
and you can get a full size pic of the stamps and maybe do a count from there. The designer is Nancy Stahl…sorry I lied before ! >:)

They are not exactly knittable from the stamp because they have been digitally edited – if you look close you’ll note that there are upside-down stitches :teehee: …the Ravelry group does have charts though. :thumbsup:

Thanks you - I have signed up for Ravelry - it looks like there are lots of people ahead of me in line to get in. I don’t need to knit the pattern until next Christmas, I really want to make a scarf out of that snowman. If I get desperate I will just have to do the graph paper thing and design my own.

that’s OK Bethany

I believe you can purchase the kit from the person who created the pattern: