Post office rates will go up

The US Post Office will raise its rates January 1st. People are buying Forever stamps like crazy here. Get yours before the year’s up.

Yep, thank goodness for forever stamps! We don’t even use very many anymore so they last a long time.

Get yours before the year’s up.

Darn, I’m not sure I can get any tomorrow and they’d be good company for the ones I already can’t find.:rofl: What will the new rate be? Uh, you know what? I use so few stamps I don’t know what it is now. :shrug: I do love those forever stamps, though.

It doesn’t go into effect till January 22nd and it’ll go up to 45 cents. What is that… 1 or 2 cents? I’m not sure what it is now actually. My DH pays bills and he only mails a half dozen or so the rest are online now.

Right now the first ounce is 44 cents and the second ounce is (I think) 18 cents. DH went to the P.O. today and said the new rate for second ounce will be 20 cents.

I do a lot of fabric swapping (quilting), so mailing rates are important in my life.


I would have sworn stamps were $0.48 so I guess I won’t complain about the 1 penny jump to $0.45. I do have forever stamps in excess and I have to admit about the only thing I put in the mail anymore are Birthday and Thank You cards. Most of our bills are done online and others I try to deliver locally. Our local PO is a bit of a mess and things can take forever to get where they are going, esp if I put them in the mailbox, and they are not open on Saturday.

Crap! I regularly have to mail stuff.