Post box topper

Does anyone have a knitting pattern for a post box topper like this

This isn’t quite the same but it’s an idea (in crochet) perhaps to start with. I suppose all sorts of stuffed animal designs could be adapted to this framework

Is this part of a yarn bombing project?


I saw that one thank you but can’t crochet Ive taking the notion to make one but can’t find a pattern .

It’s more for the idea than the pattern. It seems to me that you could knit anything, animal or vegetable for the top with a loose or tight net covering the actual top.
Sarah Gasson has lots of patterns
as do the yarn companies like Bernat and Patons.
What were you thinking of using for the post box?

I would think if you measured it you just just knit up a square in whatever stitch you wanted to the size of the top and then add a smaller rib band which would pull it in to snug up over the top.
I think this post box would look great with a sleepy sloth draped over it.

You’ve introduced me to a whole world of knitting I never knew existed, so thank you for that! What fun stuff!

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Thanks for the replies I’ve always thought about it but never actually gone for it I didn’t have any ideas in mind it was just really where to start so thank tou

If you haven’t already, Google “yarn bombing” for some terrific photos and clever ideas.
Good luck with the project and left us see a photo please when you work it out.

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