Possum fur yarn

Can anybody tell me were I can find some?
My sister’s friend had a toque made of it and my sister fell in love with it. Apparently it is incredible soft. I thought if I could find some yarn I could knit her a toque with it for Christmas. But have know where to look.

BTW, I’m talking about these, not these.

Naturally, a NZ line, makes a lovely possum (blend) wool. I am sure other Kiwi and Aussie brands would as well.

P.S. They are a terrible pest threatening many species that are native and endangered in NZ, possum-skin items are sold as souvenirs and considered a bit green as they are good for the environment! So you can feel good about bein environmentally friendly too. I live in the suburbs and have seen a possum here recently! It comes into the garden at night and eats the peel off lemons on the tree in the garden and comes back the next night to eat the rest of the lemon!

I thought they were native. Learn something new everyday.

I was gonna say you can find opossums in my garage eating cat food at night, but you mean the other possums. :teehee:

I have purchased yarns from this company.

Never Possum, but maybe you can email and discuss it’s availability with them.

Good luck!


Possums are native to Australia -
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Possum but were introduced to New Zealand -

They are also distinct from the North American opossum at the Order level - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Didelphimorphia

Possum fur is very soft; opossum not so much. :slight_smile:


I have just recently heard about the difference between opossums and possums. When I was younger I can remember someone telling me that one was a mispronunciation of the other.
It’s definitely the Possum fur I want. Although my understanding was that they just plucked or sheared the Possum for the fur not actually skinned them.

Hello possums!

I don’t know exactly but I don’t think anyone actually keeps or catches possums for that, I have never heard of anyone shearing a possum! Ha ha!!! That would be like shearing a squirrel! Nope they are a pest and they are trapped and killed.


OMG! Check out the possum fur clothing on this page, and tell me if you don’t laugh yourself silly! I think you can figure out which item I’m referring to.

We don’t all need a Nipple warmer and Thong set?


I am currently knitting a shawl with Cherry Tree Hill’s Possum Laceweight in a gorgeous teal/purple/magenta/lavender colorway which is called Blueberry HIll, I think. I bought it on sale this past spring at the yarn shop across the street from the College of Charleston in SC.

So look for Cherry Tree Hill. I don’t know if they have any possum blends other than laceweight.