Possibly the MOST hilarious knitting/crochet blog ever

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In searching for patterns a few days ago, I got directed to a blog called Handmade by Mother (so you d*mn well better wear it!). Now I know that knitting and crochet has become a whole subculture of its own, but who knew there were knitting comedians? The author has transcribed “vintage patterns of yesteryear” and inserted in them her own commentary, sometimes by way of explaining a particularly badly written section, but mostly for comedic effect. [I]Very[/I] comedic.

Of course if you actually [I]wanted[/I] to make a ladies ski mask that looks like the love child of George A. Romero and Chef Boy-Ar-Dee, you could do that. (Begs the question … [I]why[/I]??) But mainly, it’s a look back at what our forbears used to spend their spare time knitting. And apparently gramma had a freaky side.

[B]WARNING:[/B] This blog is a dangerous time sink! (Enjoy!)

Have you discovered the Yarn Harlot yet?

I’ve heard of the Yarn Harlot (who hasn’t?) and I’m pretty sure that I’ve read some of her stuff (or heard it from Wendy). She’s a scream too as I recall.

I’ll try that one, but I always read Yarn Harlot. She’s both thoughtful, thought provoking and hilarious!

Love the ski masks. I need some labels “Gramma made it so you d*** well better wear it!”

I had a feeling this blog would appeal to your sense of humor… it’s SO much like my own.:wink:

You, my dear, have a warped sense of humor. Me too.
Actually, I see that things I’ve given the GKs do get worn…or at least go in the laundry.

Guilty as charged.

But I bet you never made the GK’s anything as horrid as this! Or this, and [I]certainly[/I] not [I]these[/I]! Because… damn.

Poor kid here http://handmadebymother.blogspot.com/2009/12/let-punishment-sweater-fit-crime.html looks like he’s wearing a skirt even, on the right.

I don’t think so…if I set my mind to it. Those could be costumes in horror movies.

How do you do your links like that?

How do you do your links like that?

Type the word you want to link on, highlight it and click the globe with the chain link in the icon panel, and paste your link.

Red Rum! Red Rum!!

Oh, if you think that’s bad, check these guys out! I imagine this is what these kids were threatened with if they didn’t wear their musical sweaters. (((shudder)))

The links are pretty easy to do, in fact the editing window has a button for it even. Just click and drag across the text you want to use for the link, then click the button with the globe and the chain and when it asks you for a URL type (or more likely paste) the address in the box and Bob’s your uncle, a text link! Alternatively, you can use the BBCode and do it the hard way. You can see examples of it if you hit the “Go Advanced” button under the reply window. (Assuming the thing you’re replying to has a link in it of course.)

OK. Like this?


Thanks for sharing. This site reminds me of the (in)famous What Not to Knit site that was discontinued a few years ago. You can still find some of their blog posts, though (just look up “what not to knit”).

Those always made me laugh!

That could explain why some kids red rum their parental units?

Yeah, I think I got thelink thing figured out.

Yep. There’s a way to embed videos in your post too, but I don’t know how to do that. I can barely attach pictures…

So lets try it.

I tried the video thing, it told me I don’t have flash installed or youtube is down, neither of which seems to be the case. Ah well.

Or maybe you can’t anyway; it came up a couple weeks ago, I think Jan asked about it, but I don’t remember if the site can embed them or not.

Somebody embedded a video recently (tubular cast on). It appeared to embed correctly, but I didn’t try viewing it so I don’t know if it actually worked.

Somewhere (I think in your profile settings) you’ll find a check box that allows you to enable HTML, and you may have to have that checked in order for the embedding code from YouTube or wherever to work. there’s also a YouTube button on the toolbar (I just now noticed that) which might be how you go about it. (Probably is… these people think of everything, huh?)

Images are easy enough, next to the Globe/Linky button is a button with a picture of a picture… that’s what you’d use for photos and so forth.

I think ArtLady embedded the video but I haven’t been able to find it. Tubular cast on? Maybe if I search that. I tried the youtube button and it told me that youtube is down or I don’t have flash. It could be something to do with my system, Linux, and my browsers and how they operate in Linux.