Possibly stupid question about knitting my first scarf

I only started knitting a few days ago and thought a scarf would be nice and easy: am I wrong in thinking I can do it all with a purl stitch?


If you do it all in purl you’ll get garter stitch too, just like if you knit every stitch. But perhaps that’s what you mean. The back of a knit stitch is a purl, and the back of a purl stitch is a knit. But when you knit or purl all stitches you get garter stitch which looks like purl bumps but if you stretch it, you can see the knit V sts. Take a look in the Tips sections for videos of different stitches and how you make them.

you certainly can but the end rsult would look the same as doing it all knit sticth which is known as garter stitch.

Personally I think doing all knit stitches would probably be a little faster, but it’ll look the same either way.

I really think she means garter stitch. Many new knitters get confused by the purl bumps on the back of the knit stitch and think they’re `purling’ to get them.

Thanks guys!
I am purling as I find the knit stitch still a bit confusing. Weird, eh?!

Hopefully I’ll manage to finish it!

you’re not alone! i tought my BF to knit a few months ago and he ‘got’ the purl stitch right away but it took him a bit longer for the knit stitch. Just shows how much knitting can vary person to person!
good luck with the scarf.