Possible Yarn Source Spotted Today

While driving through Wisconsin today I spotted a sign in front of what appeared to be a farm. The sign read “Hare To Ewe Wool”.

Needless to say that got my attention. I have to assume they perhaps spin yarn from a variety of sources.

I made a note of their location and plan to return when I can park (I was pulling a loaded trailer at the time) and check it out. Might be a source of some nice alternative yarns. As far as I have been able to determine they don’t have a website so that’s something I’ll suggest to them when I do get there.

Mason - Where in WI? I’m in SE WI but will be travelling a little north in a couple of weeks to pick up some cheese at one of the Amish communities. Any hopes I’ll be by it?

It was on route 57 somewhere between Waldo and Chilton. I wish I could be more specific but I left my notepad in the truck. It was on the west side of the road.

Just ride up 57 and watch for it.

Thanks Mason, & if they get a web site… you’ve just become another Enabler!.. My pocket book will never survive… perhaps a 2nd job…lol


I work with some people that live in/near Chilton - I’ll ask around tonight and this weekend and see if anyone knows the scoop.


I’ve been a bad influence all my life, why stop now?

Cool, if you find out any specifics please post them.

I work out of West Bend by the way.

No luck this weekend with tracking down Hare to Ewe Wool. The one girl I work with said there is another place on 23 going north out of Fond du Lac, she thinks they spin there and sell yarns. She will try and check with her sister who is into knitting.

I forgot I had the home e-mail of the guy who lives in Chilton, so I just sent off a note to him.

If you travel about, there is a regular yarn shop in Mayville, [B][COLOR=“Blue”]Loose Ends Yarn Shop[/COLOR][/B]. And [B][COLOR=“Blue”]here’s[/COLOR][/B] a listing of shops in WI.

There’s also [COLOR=“Blue”][B]Wee Croft Finnsheep[/B][/COLOR] by Watertown (sheep for sale, too :lol:) and [COLOR=“Blue”][B]Susan’s Fiber Shop[/B][/COLOR] just west of Columbus. Either one does e-mail orders also.

Have you ever been to Sheeping Beauty Fibre Arts in West Bend? Wondering what they are like.

I’ll continue to see if I can find out any info on Hare to Ewe Wool.

The internet is your friend…
[FONT=geneva,arial,helvetica][SIZE=-1]Hares To Ewe Wools[/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=geneva,arial,helvetica][SIZE=-1]
N8218 State Road 57, Elkhart Lake, WI 53020

Oooh… and a website too! [/SIZE][/FONT]

Thanx, Sue! I did use my friend Google but searched using “Hare” rather than “Hares” since that was the name provided and came up with nada.

Guess there might be a road trip in my future…

Ok… just when I get a bonus you guys post new stores…

Are you sure your friends? lol I think you all are enablers…lol:hug:

I searched at 411.com and just used Hare too. Sometimes they bring up things that contain parts of the word…