Possible to swap purl and knit many rows later?

Oh dear. I’ve got a nearly complete scarf - long and quite wide - and toward the middle, when I look at the knit side, there is a row of purl. It’s much too far gone to frag, and I even binded the whole darn thing off.

Is there any way to go in after the fact and fix this? Maybe with a crochet hook…or dark magic? :wink:a

Yep. There’s even a video here on the site to show you - http://www.knittinghelp.com/video/play/correcting-a-stitch-several-rows-back

I’d suggest sticking a stitch holder or DPN through the row or two below where you want to make the change so you don’t unravel more than you mean to.

If it’s too far back to ladder down to the row or maybe too many sts that need correcting (the entire row), you might just leave it. It’s probably not as noticeable to others as it is to you.
If you think, however, that it’s all you’ll see when you look at the scarf, you could try duplicate stitch over the purl row. Maybe test this out on a swatch. It may make the mistake stand out more depending on the weight and color of the yarn.