Poss OT? How do you defend your knitting purchases

me: gotta have it! :shock:
dh: no you don’t… :rollseyes:
me: I need it for… :XX:
dh: you have plenty of it… :fingerwag:
me: you bought a BOAT! :mad:
dh: cuz I need someplace to sit, there’s no room in the house! :?eyebrow:
me: pay no attention to the yarn bag in the back seat of the car! :oops:
dh: I gave up caring months ago… :zzz:
me: you have all your airplane stuff that’s not done too! :thinking:
dh: yeah, but… hey… this isn’t about me! :mad:
me:WhATeVeR! :evil:
dh: whatEVER! :twisted:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

“It was on sale”

“I knit every day. How often do you use the power tools in the basement?”

“Oh that box? Its a back order.”

“Because I’m an addict.”

“Because I’m insane.”

me: I bought yarn. YOU bought a motorcycle. THEN you bought a new car.

dh: …

me: See? I could still buy like $30,000 worth of MORE yarn. But unlike you, I can control myself.

If my DH ever dare challenge me on any purchase the conversation is always the same:
DH: Do you really need another (purse,. shoes, yarn, outfit…)?
Me: I gave birth to your child, and stay at home with her.
DH: Want 2?

i do it by not getting married …lol

:wink: Honey, I don’t know what to say, other than…work that magic :wink: . I’ve been married for 16 years & my husband buys me knitting stuff all of the time, as well as various other surprises (jewelry last week) all of the time. You just have to … treat your husband as you want to be treated (not saying that you don’t)…or, perhaps, no…I DO have an exceptional husband. He has his hobbies of which I support him in 100% and he does the same with me. and…work that :wink: magic :notworthy: …

LOL, too funny!
DH and I have sort of a Fred and Ethel relationship some say…
Actually, we are both such “High Volume, Low Storage Capacity” hobbyists that truly, there is no argument. I love our banter, "yeahbut,yeahbut,yeahbut…"
Unfortunately I can’t use the “I bore your child” loophole since we both agree that we can’t have kids as there is no room in our little house. Although, has anyone noticed that the most incredible meals come from a tiny kitchen? LOL
I love when he gets his toys, or spends $30 at his R/C flying club meeting and wins a $20 part or piece for a plane, it keeps him occupied! I bring my knitting to his fun flys… it’s a good time… I get to sit like a queen on the non-spectator side of the flight line under a nice canopy and “keep an eye” on his stuff, and knit my little heart out! I learn a lot about ailerons and glow plugs, sip cool drinks and life is grand! My MIL (an angel!) became a airplane enthusiast thru my FIL and they go to watch the big birds at Oshkosh WI every year for their anniversary. I admire spouses that develop and interest in their better half’s hobbies… Men that are quilting hubbies for some of my gal pals here are just sexy don’t you think?
So, then, that leads me to inquire? What hobbies do our signficant others enjoy? (and I’m not talking just spouses, I mean to be PC here of course!)
Mine likes remote control boats, cars, planes, water skiing (especially so now he has a boat), and wife chasing… (animal! :shock: )
Mine is close to the suprise factor… lol He tells me all the time he luvs me and once in a while says “maybe i should get you flowers and stuff more often” He just hasn’t quite gotten to the “just go and do it instead of talkin’ about it part” apparently! LOL :roflhard:

this thread is cracking me up! :lol: :lol: :lol:

My DH is also a ‘stuff’ person, so he doesn’t have room to complain about me! When he dragged a huge metal “John Hancock” signature across the country when we got married and he relocated here - well, I cannot top that!

thinking we’ll make some sort of garden trellis with it!

:smiley: :

This is a wonderful thread!

Binkykat, my S. O. is a recently retired (3 weeks ago) school teacher. Even after teaching American History for 38 years Dan still loves it, especially French & Indian and Revolutionary war re-enacting. In addition to building reproduction flint lock rifles he also does bead work and quill work for ammunition bags and finger weaving for sashes and leg gaiters. Last night he was redesigning the neck and sleeve ruffles on one of his handmade linen shirts. It’s kind of fun to be asked for advice on sewing and embroidery. Of course he also has a 3 pounder revolutionary war cannon in the family room which travels to various historical events around the Midwest and East.

He’s always interested in my knitting especially when I’m doing cables and you can really see the texture ‘pop out’. Last week he bought me “At Knit’s End” by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. The subtitle is: Meditations for Women Who Knit Too Much. We’ve both had lots of laughs reading this and it helps a non-knitter to understand a little more about knitting obsession!! Of course, the cannon can always be used as a great defense whenever he thinks I’m a little too obsessed.


I copied several pages of this book and put them on the fridge. This way my family knows I’m not the only one!

Cool! Hobbies on large scale! Gotta love it :heart: :heart:
Fargo has a Black Powder group that does re-enactments here. I can’t imagine the work that goes into authentically portraying what was everyday life before all our conveniences. Honestly, I think it’s harder to do things the old fashioned way now… I’d like to see someone rebuild the Pyramids using the same methods ancient people did!
I call matt’s (dh) paraphernalia he hauls for RC cars his “diaper bag” :roflhard: One time he found going to a friends wedding at the lake the perfect opportunity to gather followers to his hobby by loading up his tote box of stuff into the trunk… in case any of the guys wants something to do at the reception. I really laugh at the fun fly’s when a storm cloud dares to blow by and rain a little, away go the planes into protective cover and out come the RC cars… these fellas can’t be without something for a minute!
I have a book “The Knitter’s Gift” that has some funny and heartwarming stories involving knitting and have read several out loud to matt while on trips and he chuckles right along with me :smiley:
I am anxious to see what everbody has to say…hopefully a lot reply!

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

YOU are MY HERO!!! lol

In all seriousness…I am currently in the process of leaving a 16 year relationship, and can honestly say that I have bought or been given all my kintting (crafting for that matter) objects. He never showed any interest, even though I supported his ball playing for YEARS, still would if he still played. Unfortunately, they way he works his job, it doesn’t leave much time for him to have a hobby, although he loves sports and watches every chance he gets. I would always watch with, but kept my hands occupied at the same time… :wink:

my dh better not say anything… its either crafts/hobbies or something eles. you know what they say about idle hands!! :fingerwag: he gets on me every once in a while. but now that he isn’t around from the time i get up til i go to bed he better be glad thats ALL i’m doing. :wink:

Like Carol, I can’t top what my dh did. We knew each other online for years as friends and then one day and one phone call… and everything changed. He took the last of his final exams the following May and finished out his classes. He didn’t wait to go to his graduation, the day after his finals, he loaded everything he owned into his truck and drove for 27 hours non-stop (outside of gas) from Wichita to Tampa. We’ve been together ever since. We are best friends. I think the best part of it is we make each other laugh everyday. So I look at him with adoration when he comes in with groceries and a star wars action figure. :roflhard: He gives me the same little all knowing smirk when I say “honey, I’d like to order some knitting stuff”.

We don’t fight about money, mainly because we don’t have any :roflhard: but seriously, we have simple rules. We don’t fight about money, we sit down and re-stratigize if we find problems. We don’t go to bed angry. When we find an argument getting too serious, we crack a joke. :thumbsup: So far, we’ve been happy for almost 4 years and we still feel like newlyweds. So long story short, I don’t have to come up with any excuses. I just try to be as honest and up front with him, as possible.

just the other day, DH was sitting on the couch looking at several packages of my Addis. he said, “damn, these are a lot of money.”. I just said, “well, these are good needles. it’s a start-up investment.”. he didn’t say anything after that, but I know that he really had no idea that the needles cost what they do.

his thing was cars, specifically one of his VWs. I watched and never once complained about him spending upwards of $30K in mods to his '93 SLC, as well as spent countless hours-days-weekends-months sitting in the garage or on the lawn, sometimes with my textbooks, studying for finals, watching him transform that thing, and then cried when he sold it.
he doesn’t do this car stuff much anymore to his own stuff, even tho he owns a shop. I think the last mod he did to his car was new wheels in early 2004 or so.
now he buys games for the XBox or the occasional PC game.

“don’t worry I paid cash” (that means i used the credit card)

“no, it’s not new, that’s the same stuff I bought last week”

“Well, my other husband upped my allowance…”

“So, what you’re saying is you’re not in the mood tonight”

:roflhard: :roflhard:
i tell my husband i got it a long time ago

kinda OT…’

Everytime I wear something new and my husband comments on it I say something like…

“I got this two years ago, I can’t beleive you don’t remember it… I’ve worn it a least a dozen times…”

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

[size=2]I hope my husband never sees this forum!!![/size]

Unfortunately, for me its usually true. :rollseyes:

Ohmygod, you people are HILLarious!!!
A lot of times I crack him up by waving my hand hypnotically in front of him and saying, “you don’t see any yarn, there’s no yarn here” (picture obi wan kenobi - dh will wish he never got me involved in sci fi… :roflhard: )
All parties are given advanced notice of major purchases, and we joke that my money is my money and his money is “our” money. LOL
I was sad when he sold the old '68 chevy pickup he had when we met. Now we would be able to fix it up. Sigh… if they only knew! :thumbsup: