Portuguese Style Knitting

I came across some videos on youtube for this kind of knitting. The needles have a little hook on the end, like crochet needles. Has anyone ever knitted this way or heard of this? It looks kind of interesting.

do you have a link to the videos? I’d like to see that!

here you go. I am googling this now, doesn’t seem to be a lot of instruction on this, just peoples opinions on it

That looks kind of weird to me. Kind of like knit/crochet combo or something. I also can’t imagine having the yarn going around my neck. That would be very uncomfortable I think.

Yeah, what she said. :slight_smile: “Spider Web” comes to mind. lol

Honestly, it looks quite complicated.

i watched those videos too, but don’t let that crochet hook fool u, they’re not doing any actually crochet, they’re just knitting with a crochet hook. all they do i just the hook to pull the loops through the knitted stitches, if u know what i mean (does that make sense?)

Yep. So now it’s not complicated. It has sidestepped to cumbersome. :roflhard:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

It does look a little complicated to me too… but something I think I would still like to tackle. Maybe. :happydance:

And let us not forget about portability. Oh I can see it now, some knitter sitting on a bus with yarn coiled about the neck. snicker And to think, I once thought conti was complex. Hehehehe … :rofl:

I think it looks really neat. I notice that she dips the yarn under the next sts before dropping it off the needle, I wonder what that looks like. I think I’ll give it a try sometime. I’m sure you don’t really have to have the yarn around your neck, probably just helps keep it out of the way and with even tension. Probably not the kind of thing you would do on the bus but then neither is the intarsia sweater I am making for my brother (why oh why am I double stranding one of the colors?)


Actually, it looks really, really easy to me. :shrug: I like how her thumb gets to do some work.

But I agree about cumbersome…I think knitting with straight needles is probably faster, but we have to remember, not everyone wants to knit fast. Many people simply enjoy the act of knitting, so the longer it takes, the more knitting they get to enjoy. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing the video. She comments that those needles are the traditional Portuguese needles. It actually makes a lot of sense to me to have the hook on the end. It would prevent losing your yarn when you try to pull through your stitch. Pretty ingenious IMHO. I love to get some of those needles. It looks pretty stressless.


It looks interesting, if the needles were available around here I would like to give it a try if only to see what it’s like.

Well, a search for “Portuguese” knitting needles revealed zip. I went to Lacis online catalog and found this, excerpted below:

The preferred knitting tool amongst many cultures. 10” coated aliuminum shaft with hook on one end and knitting point on the other. Sold in sets of 5 needles of the same size."

So they are available and apparently known to several cultures.


That actually looks like it makes it much easier for someone to learn to knit. My boyfriend would be a pro in no time with that. He can never ‘hook’ the yarn with the needles. He gets SO frustrated with regular needles.

Thanks for sharing the video, I’m now interested in all types of ways the rest of the world knits.

It’s kinda neato, but I’m happy with English and Continental. :slight_smile:

Whooha!! :thumbsup: