Portuguese knitting in the round conversion for pattern?

Hello, folks!

So I’ve been trying out “Portuguese knitting” a bit and enjoying it but I’d like to try to use it for some of the same in the round basic patterns i’ve done using german style stockinette. Everyone says how its common for PKers to knit inside out when knitting st st in the round because the p stitch is so easy. makes sense! but where i get confused—and i know i can’t be the only one!— is in how to reproduce the same pattern as one would get w german or english. because not only are you working inside out but also the work is spiralling in the opposite direction.

eg: if i have a beanie crown that goes
1st round: k9 k2tog repeat to end
2nd: k to end
3rd: k8 k2tog repeat to end
4th: k to end

i cannot simply do the same thing in p sts because the decrease ridges won’t line up nor will the sts be slanted the right direction! I kno because i tried, and the result was serviceable, but a bit ugly.

whats the simplest way to make the portugese version of this kind of decrease pattern? i don’t much care which way the sts lean, so long as they line up neatly. in other words, reproducing the exact pattern isn’t as crucial as the overall visual effect and the ease of working it, if that makes sense…

there has to be an easy answer but i couldnt find it online, and trying to figure it out is messing with my mind… :slight_smile:

Your decreases should align correctly. Can you post a photo of your hat?

I did a lace patterned hat in Portuguese style knitting and worked in purl. The lace pattern was reversed but otherwise looked exactly as expected. I decided this is a taste of what true left handed knitters deal with. Your best answers might come from them. I’ve not solved the problem of having everything flipped in PK.

thanks for the response grumpy.

Ok! But, Well, after some examination I think that I actually managed to solve this puzzle! Once I “saw it,” it seemed so obvious i felt a bit silly…

So, what I was doing for crown decreases was p2tog thru the front ( I think that’s the correct description, ie with the needle tips pointing towards eachother). this makes a decrease of course, but when flipped to the RS of the work has one leg of a stitch running over the other stitch which looks weird, instead of the effect of a tidy ssk which looked really odd and was what had me flummoxed (i would post a pic but don’t know how).

So in a nutshell, i think i have figured out that to create the look of an ssk on the RS, you have to slip the two sts before p2tog so that they are overlapping properly, basically an “ssp” if you will. i think that to create a RS k2together effect you would p2tog but coming in FROM THE BACK of the st. i’m not 100% sure until i get a chance to try it out but i think that’s right…

i thought id post this in hopes it might help make somebody elses life easier.

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Craftsy classes are free this weekend. I’m going to watch this and see if it helps me figure out the “which decrease” problem.
Master Portuguese Knitting: Advanced Techniques in the Portuguese Style

thanks for the tip!