Portuguese knit chart?

How do I decipher a knit chart that starts with 1 in the upper left for both x and y axis? What does it mean that there’s no gauge?

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What are you making and what is the name of the pattern and designer? Was it part of the Fruity Knitting blog?

Gauge doesn’t matter for patterns that are easily adjusted by total stitch number like scarves and blankets. Usually these are patterns without shaping but toys might fit into this type also.

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Thanks for the reply!!
This is a dress featured in Rosarios 4 (https://rosarios4.com/en/montra/202-merino-4-us-dress/) . It is simply called Vestido Merino 4. That is the chart for the front and back panels, I don’t understand why the chart starts on the left top instead of bottom right. There are also no instructions for the decreases along the neckline?

Is the dress possibly knit top down? If so the designer may have thought that turning the chart 180 degrees made sense. You could work from the chart by turning the page upside down, placing the 1 square in the lower right and proceeding as usual. The numbers would also be upside down but that would be workable.
The only shaping seems to be at the neck where there are decreases (or increases if you turn the chart) shown. It also seems that there certainly should be a gauge given for this pattern. You might contact the designer or company to ask about that.

Thanks for the reply! I certainly considered turning the chart, in my searches I found others like this one where the numbering was similar? I was curious of its meaning? It may also be as you suggested and the chart is presented right side up for publication? The neckline is obviously a rib but I need to calculate the decreases as well as getting gauge. I really want to make this dress :pensive:

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You can calculate the gauge that you need from the measurements of the front and back or from your measurements and the stitch number at the main body of the dress. A swatch will help you see the knit fabric so that you can judge whether you like the yarn and gauge or need to adjust.
It’s certainly workable but you need a little advance prep to be sure.