Portugese Bind-Off Help?

Hey, is anyone able to explain briefly how to do a Portugese bind/cast-off? I watched a video the other day that showed a cool simple technique but now i can’t find it again and it’s making me nuts! :slight_smile:

i do remember it started w purl 2 together, but i don’t remember the repeating sequence after that…


I think you mean a lace or decrease bind off worked in purl. I don’t know what video you watched. You can use any bind off you want as long as you can figure out how to do it in Portuguese knitting. If I couldn’t figure it out and still wanted to use that bind off I’d switch to Continental for my bind off, some would choose English.

ETA A similar bind off is done by simply using p2tog, then purl that stitch together with the next sitch without knitting or purling the stitches first.

Thanks! In trying to reconstruct it on my own, I actually ended up doing the second bindoff you described, and I think that may actually have been it. (can’t be certain unless i ever find that vid again, but I think so…) of course one can use just about any bind off one wishes w portuguese (bearing in mind that purled bind offs will be easiest mechanically), but i have heard reference a couple times to a specific portuguese BO technique tho i have yet find it described thus online anywhere else…

Portuguese knitting in general has slim pickings available for learning resources it seems (at least in english?), but i find a lot can be inferred from what sources there are simply by trying things out and following the logical thread of what works and what is most efficient and ergonomic. that in itself can be interesting. and after all there is no “right” way to knit anyway, only many ways that work well.

I am currently oscillating between P and continental, but thats ok bc its fun to mix it up now and then. i really enjoy aspects of each.

Skip up to about 5:00 in the video and I think you’ll see what you’re looking for.

Cool! That looks like the one. It’s a shame the host cuts her off so soon into it, but it’s enough to get the idea (haha!)…

Thanks for taking th time to find and post that. Very kind of you.

You’re welcome. I was looking for info for myself too. I’m going to cast on for socks to work Portuguese. I finally got Judy’s Magic Cast On to work for working reverse stockinette figured out. Just keep the yarn in front of the needles and make sure it crosses when you put the stitches on the needle That’s the best I can explain.