Portable vs. non-portable

I am hoping to receive a spinning wheel as a gift in the near future (birthday/Christmas)!!

I seem to be under the impression that I need a folding wheel such as the Kromski Sonata so that I can take her on the road. But today, I wonder if I really need a folding model since I saw a woman haul her non-portable wheel into the yarn shop quite easily. I wonder if I would be happier in the long run with a different model since I will mostly spin in my cozy house.

Any thoughts on portable vs. non-portable? Thanks!

If your future wheel is going to do a lot of traveling, get a portable. It will save you the stress of possibly damaging a more awkward wheel. They don’t fit everywhere well…(says I after my Polonaise was damaged while moving homes.:grrr: )

Do you especially like any particular wheel?

Thank you for your reply and thoughts. I am considering the Kromski Sonota as a portable and the Kromski Minstrel as the alternative.

I can’t really see myself hauling the wheel around a lot, but if I wanted to take a class, say, I would have to take her along. Wow–yours got banged up in a move?! I’m sure you took precautions to protect it. Are they quite fragile?

The Sonata is a nice looking folding wheel. Have you seen the comparison page over at The Woolery? http://www.woolery.com/pages/foldingwheels.html

The Minstrel is the prettiest wheel! I had a hard time deciding between it or the Polonaise.

The Kromski’s are not fragile. My mistake was trusting someone else to move it while I kept my two small children out from underfoot. There’s now a gouge in the center hub of the wheel from a carelessly loosened mounting screw.

I’m told it’s not enough to disown the family member responsible. No matter how much I’d like to.:tap:

I’m very happy with my Majacraft Rose. It is attractive and fairly portable (it folds but not completely). I looked at several and the only concern I heard about the Sonata is just that it is a new wheel and hasn’t yet had a chance to “stand the test of time.” Other than that, the wheels most reccomended to me as far as a wide range of possibilities and portability were the Lendrum and the Rose. Some are very fond of the Ashford Joy as well. I found this site which might be of help:

Thanks for the feedback and the links! :muah:

I’m a Lendrum owner but I’ve heard good things about the Kromski Sonata!

I bought my Lendrum, not because it was a folding wheel, but simply because I loved how it felt to spin at. I tried a bunch of wheels and it was a draw between the Schacht and the Lendrum. The Lendrum was cheaper and had a few other things I liked, so I went for it! The portable part was just a perk (though I cart it around quite a bit…)

I have yet to regret my choice - whether you never want to move your wheel or you’ll be taking it out everyday - Try to find out if there’s a spinning guild in your area or if there’s a shop or individual that has a spinning meet. Go and show up on a meeting when they’ll have their wheels there to spin (ours is every 4 weeks, but it’s a weaving and spinning guild), if it’s anything like my guild, the members will be more than happy to let you try their wheels and help you make a decision!

Try to find a chance to try out whatever type of wheel you choose to buy before purchasing if possible, it seems everyone likes a different kind of wheel for a different reason.

Good luck choosing a wheel!

Pink Dandelion, Thank you for your thoughtful reply. Yes, there is a guild withing driving distance that I can go to. They are on summer hiatus, but hopefully they will be meeting again soon. I will take your advice an go to a meeting or two.