Popular Italian singers?

So, I posted a while ago that starting in the fall, I’ll be studying abroad in Italy for two semesters. At that time, I’ll only have had two semesters of Italian. In my experience learning Spanish, I’ve seen that it helps me to listen to songs in that language.

My question is, does anyone know any good, fun Italian singers. While it’s not exactly my style of music, pop singers would be good because it’s fun to sing along to.


Ligabue I guess would be classified classic Italian rock. I liked Le Vibrazioni when I was living there. I also love love love Negrita! mtv.it is mtv italia, you’ll be able to look up more italian music. Definitley check on Itunes too. It’s kind of difficult to find Italian pop music in most stores because of the relatively small number of people that speak Italian. Generally, Italian bands that don’t make the language switch to English don’t get big elsewhere.

Have fun in Italy! Where will you be studying?

Thanks!! I’ll have to check them out. I’m hoping that I can maybe find stuff on amazon or something. And I didn’t even think about looking at mtv.it, which is silly seeing as how my class is currently talking about Italian television.

I’ll be in Bologna. :smiley: