Popcorn blanket question

For the popcorn baby blanket, it says to use circular needles. I neither have nor want circular needles, am I able to do it on straight needles instead?

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Maybe this one?

The reason for the circular needles is to comfortably accommodate a large number of sts. If you can find long enough straight needles and don’t mind working with them, you could use them instead.
Why don’t you want circular needles?

Bad experience with circular needles, that’s the blanket I’d like to make I’m just not sure how it would work with the straight ones in comparison to the circular needle pattern?

The pattern will work the same way but you may have a problem getting all the sts onto the straight needles. You can test it out on a small swatch.
If you run into problems on the straights, it might be easier to work the blanket in two halves and seam?

You could also cast on a smaller amount of sts and make a smaller blanket. That would help with reducing the amount of sts.


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Casting on 156 stitches on even a long straight needle seems like it would be tough. I think the longest are 14"? The circular it calls for is 29" and that’s so you have room for all the stitches along the cable. If you really want to use straight needles you could do the blanket in short strips then seam them together.

The pattern itself wouldn’t be any different whether u are using straights or circulars.

I have a whole set of 14" straight needles and there is no way that 156 sts would fit on my needles. (Unless u use a yarn that’s thread-like thin)


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