Popcorn blanket: can I use an alternative yarn?

I am a beginner knitter. I want to make a baby blanket for my friend. I bought the yarn before deciding which pattern to use, but I really want to make the popcorn blanket (below). The pattern calls for worsted weight yarn but I have DK yarn. Will using the DK yarn have a significant effect on the outcome of the blanket? Are there any techniques I can use to ensure the blanket turns out, even though I am using DK yarn? Or would you advise choosing a new pattern?

Thanks in advance!


I think the only difference would be the thinness or thickness of the finished blanket.

If it was me, I would cast on a much smaller amount of stitches, to make a “sample” pattern. Start with size 6 needles. Cast on 40 sts. Start right away with Row 1 in the pattern. See how u like how it looks. If u like it, rip it out and start the blanket at the regular size. If u don’t like how the sample looks, rip it out and try a different size needle.


Because a blanket doesn’t need to fit like a garment you can usually get away with using a different weight yarn. The difference will most be in size (smaller) and a lighter fabric. Unless you cast on more stitches you likely won’t have a crib blanket, but it would probably work as a stroller or car seat blanket. You may need extra yarn and you will need smaller needles.

The texture will be a little more subtle and, yes, you’ll want a smaller needle size–the big issue with baby blankets is holes or loose stitches that little fingers can get caught in. :grimacing: You’ll need more yarn than the pattern calls for, too.

If you want it to be crib size, knit a swatch to get your gauge. Then increase the cast-on stitches as many as you need to achieve the width you want. It looks like the pattern has 20 stitches of garter stitch border (10 on each side) and a four-stitch repeat across the body of the blanket. So make sure you increase in multiples of 4.