Pop up Ads

Is there a way u can stop or change the ads that show up here?? Sometimes they show somebody that barely has any clothes on. I hope that’s not the type of thing that KH wants to promote. Please help me figure out how to change or stop the ads.


There’s ads? I use AdBlock so I don’t see them.

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I use an ad blocker, too - I only remember pop up ads are even a thing when I’m on someone else’s computer!

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If AdBlockPlus isn’t enough, uninstall it and switch to UBlock Origin. But if you’re getting half-naked women, the ads are probably not from this site. You have some kind of malware. Run MalwareByres Anti-Malware regularly.


Hmm. I don’t see any ads, Knitcindy. And I’m not using AdBlock.
Do you have antivirus installed on your computer? If not that could be the reason.

Quick update. Just reloaded the page and got this “date” banner, eww: http://prntscr.com/qfwadg
I believe Knitcindy was talking about this type of ad. Am I right?

Better to just warn us away from the ad. We don’t want to give an unwanted or suspicious ad any additional clicks.

Sorry salmonmac! It’s not a link from a banner, I just tried to add an image to my post (so it was a link that my Lightshot program made). download
Another try.