Poorly cat

My cat is a very unwell little fella at the moment. he’s at the vet sedated as he’s on a drip. he’s had to have a small opp today as he has stones (had to have a tube put where a boy should never ever have a tube put :teehee: ).

we will know in a month how serious it is, as its a build up of toxins. he only started showing signs of being off colour yeasterday.

we get to pick him up tomorrow morning first thing if they let us.

Hes the most wonderful cat, we brought him him nearly 6 years ago when we found him literally skin and bone scrabbling about for food on a smouldering bon fire. we found out after that the people that lived next door kicked him hard up the backside as well as hitting him with a broom. he has a few phsycical issues to boot. but is garfield to a tee, infact garlfield is more energetic, which evidently is a good thing.

poor fellas been through enough in his life not to be dealing with this as well

Awwww. Hope he’s better soon.

Aww, I hope gets better soon.

Oh, i hope he’s better soon:hug:. My parents’ cat had the stones thing, they had to give a different food afterwards.


Bless his sweet little heart. I hope he is well soon.

:hug: Hope he gets better soon

Hope he’s up and around and back to himself in no time. Poor little kitty and poor you for having to see him not feel well.:muah:

I have had cats have that problem as well. They pull thru ok, just need different food after. More expensive, but they’re worth it:muah:
Hugs to your kitty!

:hug: :heart: :hug:

:hug: I hope he gets better soon!

I have a female cat, but it is my understanding that this is at least somewhat common in male cats. As someone else mentioned, it should be fixable for the most part, but they have dietary restrictions afterwards for the rest of their lives and you just have to be dedicated to monitoring his health. I know from some of your other posts that you are a responsible pet owner, so I am sure you will do what you need to in order to keep Garfield living a happy life. :slight_smile:

He will have to be on a specialist diet fro mnow on, and yes of course he will get it. i am considering cooking my own foods for all the animals as most of mine have had the snip. I must confess as my cats are indoor once i am considering not doing the rest as there is evidently no medical reasons for doing so (this is what my vet advised this morning, i am going to check this before deciding).

His blood test results second time were a lot lot better thankfully. he’s being kept in over night again to see how they are after another night on fluid and th edrip still going where a boy should never have a tube (still cringing at the though of that one lol).
I didi get to see him today, all be it for a few mins, but he was with it enough to know we were there and havent just dumped him there. just wish tomorrow morning would come and i can bring him home. He’s actually my brothers cat who i look after most of the time as he works away. whe i bring in ferrals they choose there friends and what owner they want, we dont choose them. that way we dont get the fights etc. all groups are kept seperated as we have to many cats to intermingle them.

also one more is soon to be added as i woke up in the night to find a ferral cat in bed with me!! i couldnt believe it. it wasnt sure enough to stay when i woke up, but criky lol. a pretty little tabby who really really thin. so it’ll be no 16 soon. and i swore no more lol

It is a rather expensive food to buy, it would cost well over €100 per week just for the cats, hence i want to see if i can cook it myself. if not i’ll just have to do it and cut back on something for me instead (not to sure where as i already have as my horse is on a perminant suppliment taht costs a small fortune. you cant really go to the bank manager and say i want a loan to feed the cat can you :rofl: ). im sure i’ll figer out something else thats as good as i wopnt compremise. if in doubt my brother will have to buy his cat food each week from now on.

but you are very right, they are more than wort every cent we spend on them. he’s an exceptionally lovley cat. he’s called dexter but is a lazy version of garfield lol. literally all he does is go to the food and water bowls use the litter tray and allow one of my brothers cats to wash him, other than that hes perminantly in his bed lol. i’ll have to get a piccy and post it so you can see whta i mean. see if i can dig through my brothers stash of them

Hehe, that makes me think of one of my favorite shows, [I]Dexter[/I]! In the States, it is on the Showtime channel, but I’m sure you could find it online to watch, too. :mrgreen:

hmmmm, i never thought enough of the clips i saw to sit and watch it (its on sky). i will watch an episode or 2 to see what its like.

I had a co-worker go through the same thing with his “Dougie”

Crossing my fingers for you!

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

that cat is sooo like my cat its unreal. poor lad wanst snipped by a vet either, brings a whole new meaning to the 2 brick treatment, im cringing still at the thought of it

well dexter is now home and back taking over his space again.he’s hating the new food and doing his best not to eat it. he has to eat it for 1 month then my vet in england (she knows what she’s talking about unlike my vet here in france) is giving me a home cooked diet plan for all the dogs and cats as every neutered especially dog/cat could get this easily. so rtaher than take chances i’m a changing. dried bought version would cost me €100 per week as i thought, just for the cats and as we have 2 large dogs and a smaller one that eats more than the big dogs its just going to cost to much.

im about to learn to cook lol and esp meat as im vegie. this should be fun haha